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01.09.2015 17:51

VSU celebrates the 'Knowledge Day'

In 2015, a few thousand students started their first year at Voronezh State University. Each university faculty held events where first year students met their deans and lecturers.

In the morning the University Rector professor Dmitry Endovitsky, Vice Rector for Research and Informatisation Vasiliy Popov, and a Rector's councillor Vladimir Listengarten visited the park of the main building of Voronezh State University and laid flowers at the memorial dedicated to the university staff and students who died in the Great Patriotic War.

The ceremony was followed by the event organised by the Culture and Education Centre of VSU which took place in five university buildings. The event was named "University musical ring. One building – one musical unit". The event involved various bands playing their music at the university: the Faculty of History (88, Moskovskiy Prospect) – music band Etnodrive (ethnic drums); the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology (24, Prospekt Revolutsiy) – Aleksandr Borisov ("Sosedi Sverkhu"), the Faculty of Geography ( 40, Kholzunov Street) – the folk music group "Lel", the Faculty of Philology ( 10, Plostchad Lenina) – violinist Gleb Avetov, and the main building of VSU (1, Universitetskaya Plostchad) – the band "Transpersonalnoyee Elektrichestvo".

A quiz show for first year students that checked their knowledge of the university's history and traditions and a meeting with representatives of VSU creative teams, organised by the Culture and Education Centre of VSU was held in the auditorium of the main university building. The folk music group "Terem" concluded the event.

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