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02.09.2015 18:26

The Head of Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank PAO Sberbank shares his secrets of success with VSU students

The Head of Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank PAO Sberbank Vladimir Salmin delivered a lecture for University students and staff in the VSU conference-hall on September 2nd. The lecture was dedicated to goal-setting and leadership which are the main keys to success.

– “I'm married with seven children and I've got seven university degrees. I'm keen on playing football and alpine skiing. At the moment I'm learning how to swim and dance. I started to note how different people's lives were when I was just a child. I was wondering what the reasons for genuine leadership and success in life were. This reflection brought me to setting my own goal. I wanted to fulfil myself, become successful as fast as I could, and achieve skills to make progress efficiently,” – he started his conversation with the students in such an informal way.

At the beginning of the meeting Vladimir Salmin asked the students what they would like to know, and this is what he heard in reply: "We would like to know the secret of your success!"

– “To start with, I would like to tell you about the rules of leadership which I personally follow and then give some attention to the things that underlie the development of such a serious company as Sberbank. I think that at the end of our meeting you will find the answer to your question. I'm strongly convinced that the person is alive whilst he or she continues to learn. We should always strive for something new and unknown so that the knowledge we acquire can help us reach our goals. At first, I would like to familiarise you with my technology of goal-setting,” – noted the speaker.

The rule of goal existence

“What is a goal? How is it different form a wish or a dream?” – Vladimir Salmin tried to help the students learn how to differentiate between these notions, get their priorities right, and be able to distinguish really important, paramount goals from all the rest. He showed the process of forming a goal which should be specific, measurable, achievable, up-to-date, and set in a particular period of time in practice. He asked three students to complete three phrases one after another: "I need...", "I must...", "I want...". Then he suggested choosing the most important statement out of three.

– “Success depends on the ability to set goals as well as on how focused we are in the world which is full of distractions. It is essential to stop considering oneself a victim and never seek excuses for oneself. Remember that a real leader is always aimed at the result and never blames fate. If you are motivated to live a long and interesting life, you really must aspire to something definite. Once having risked, you can stay happy for a lifetime.”

The rule of change acceptance

In particular, Vladimir Salmin noted that many people make a mistake when they fear changes.

– “In order to accept changes one needs to weaken resistance to the world. It will help liberate an immense amount of energy which can be used to achieve one's goals.

Few of us accept changes, but it is quite wrong. Changes play a very important role: they allow us to leave our comfort zone and find new ways of acquiring knowledge and experience. In addition, they make us wiser. History provides a lot of examples when changes proved to be crucial for a person's life.”

The rule of environment

“We live in a particular environment from the very beginning of our life. If you are a leader you are surrounded by talented and initiative people who make you move forward. If not, you should reconsider you environment.”

Vladimir Salmin showed the audience a video about the outcomes of work at Sberbank and the results that were achieved in a relatively short time. He also told the audience about corporate features of bank staff training.

Moreover, Vladimir Salmin invited VSU students to undertake an internship and find employment at the bank. He noted that the company always needs talented people:

– “Sberbank is interested in strengthening its human resources, thus it is hard to overestimate the importance of collaboration between Voronezh State University and Sberbank. For example, about two thousand VSU alumni work now at Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank. Annually, around 150 VSU alumni start their career at Sberbank, and almost 100 VSU students undertake an internship in various offices of Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank.

It is to be recalled that last year Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank and VSU signed an agreement on cooperation. This agreement was the result of a huge amount of meticulous work done by the bank and the University.”

At the end of the meeting Vladimir Salmin answered questions from the audience:

– “The news about possible reorganisation of Tsentralno-Chernozemny Bank has appeared in some media, what consequences can it have for your staff?”

– “I must say that this information is rather incorrect and inaccurate. There are no plans for reorganisation. The bank is among the most stable and successful ones. Continuous changes have been in progress at the bank since 2008. It is true that we are now optimising the bank's structure, but that is completely another matter.”

– “The Russian economy is having a hard time at the moment. In connection with this it would be interesting to know your point of view on the outlook for the economy in Russia on the whole and in the Voronezh Region in particular. How can Sberbank help overcome this difficult time?”

– “Indeed, the situation is rather complicated but it is not that deplorable. We should try to understand and accept this situation in order to gain some positive experience even from it. Mid-year results show that the profit of Sberbank has amounted to 140%. It is a clear illustration of the fact that even in such a situation the bank can efficiently serve Russia's interests. In the medium term the situation will persist. However, it shall not oppress all the indices. The Voronezh Region has good potential, and what is more important, it is realised.”

– “VSU in collaboration with OAO Novolipetskiy metallurgicheskiy kombinat, Informsvyaz-Chernozemye, Atos, the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation and other partners encourages the most talented students by awarding them various competition-based scholarships. I would like to ask you whether Sberbank is planning to establish such a scholarship.”

– “We need to consider this suggestion. I'm not saying that it will be on a massive scale, but we can definitely support such an initiative.”

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