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08.09.2015 17:39

VSU researchers will seek gold and study soils in China

On September 8th, delegates from Sichuan Institute of Nuclear Science and Geology, headed by the chief engineer Kahn Yalong, visited our University. They met with the Rector Dmitry Endovitsky, the Vice-Rector for Research and Informatisation Vasily Popov, the Vice-Rector for Economics and International Cooperation Oleg Belenov, Head of the Research Institution of Geology Konstantin Savko, Director of VSU Chinese Centre Vladimir Titov, and Head of the Centre for Oriental Studies Maxim Kirchanov. The agenda of the meeting was the partnership agreement between VSU and Sichuan Institute of Nuclear Science and Geology to conduct joint research projects.

Dmitry Endovitsky told the guests that the University is actively collaborating with universities in China, that we have Chinese and Russian Centres, and that there are a number of academic exchange programmes.

– “We work in close collaboration with a large number of Chinese universities, particularly with Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, Sichuan International Studies University, and Central University of Nationalities in Minzu. In 2010, our university was officially announced to be the best, concerning international placement programmes and academic exchange programmes, by the Chinese government. One of the most internationally popular faculties here is the Faculty of Geology. Several Chinese specialists working in the sphere of coalmine safety are now taking their internship at VSU. The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation has recently discussed the project to support Confucius Institutes in Russia and the necessity to develop partnership between Russian universities and Chinese research institutions. I am sure, we have a lot of common strategic interests” – said Dmitry Endovitsky.

– “We started working with VSU a year ago, and we are willing to develop our joint projects, which will, hopefully, lead to closer collaboration in the future. Together we can make huge progress. Our Institute specialises in seeking radioactive metal ores. Recently, however, we've become interested in studying gold deposits. We also study soils for further use in plant industry. This time we want to discuss the details of our joint projects with VSU” – said Mr Kahn Yalong.

Konstantin Savko gave some further details on the project.

– “This is our first joint project with Sichuan Institute of Nuclear Science and Geology. Last year, our delegation - including members of the Faculty of Geology and the Faculty of Biology and Soil Sciences - visited Chengdu. Researchers from the Sichuan Institute of Nuclear Science and Geology got very interested in our work and projects. So, this was how our partnership started. In three days, they emailed us and suggested conducting a joint project. The deadline was tough: we didn't have even a month to decide. The project was supported by the authorities of Sichuan. Our job is to study gold deposits in Sichuan for two years. We are also discussing the possibility of launching another project. Sichuan coordinates the project «China – Russia: Yangtze-Volga cooperation», launched in 2012, with eight Chinese provinces along the Yangtze River and Volga Federal District being the participants. The project focuses on intercultural communication and exchange programmes. The project is about to end, but it will be extended. Our Chinese colleagues suggested soil study projects, and we'll be soon working on a new agreement. Conducting our own research we help our colleagues to reach their objectives in industry. The project is financed by the Sichuan authorities. Our research group consists of ten postgraduates, faculty members, and researchers. Students will also take part in the project.”

VSU Press Service  


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