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02.11.2016 20:48

Fifth anniversary of the Headquarters of students' teams

Between 29 and 30 October, the third meeting of the student teams from Voronezh State University took place in the Nemetskaya Sloboda park-hotel. 2016 is the fifth anniversary of the Headquarters of VSU’s student teams and that is why special attention was paid to the organisation of the event. Over 100 people took part in the meeting.

The participants had a chance to meet the students and candidates of various movements, talk to them, and exchange their impressions. They played physical games, were involved in creative activities, and tested their knowledge of the history of Russian and the Voronezh student teams.

As is traditional, the meeting finished with chorus singing and an award ceremony. The heads of the headquarters said that the number of students who join the movement is growing each year, the efficiency of the teams is increasing, and new avenues are opening up.

‘There is no doubt that today students are preparing for the meeting more thoroughly’, said one of the organisers of the event, commissar at the Headquarters of VSU’ students’ teams, a student from the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, Dmitry Sererebryakov. ‘It is very nice to see more and more students wearing student team jackets with the symbols of the Russian student teams and singing team songs. I think the most important part of the meeting was the award ceremony when the best team members were granted a badge of honour and an honorary certificate. Our headquarters held such an event for the first time and it was timed to coincide with the fifth anniversary of restoration of the Headquarters of VSU’s student teams.’

According to the participants, this meeting was one of the friendliest and the most emotional. Those who participated in this gathering for the first time could learn more about the Voronezh student teams. Whereas those who already took part in the meeting in previous years could see that each year the ambitions and achievements of student teams are growing and becoming more sophisticated.

‘Such meetings play a very important part in the life of every student team member. They both strengthen the relations between different teams and help everyone to feel they are a part of a big family. I am sure that they encourage every member to try harder and do their best and thus they contribute to the development of the team movement and make it stronger. The most memorable thing this year were “stations” where you had to solve special tasks – each station symbolised one of team movements. For example, it was very exiting to play snowballs at the station of the law enforcement team,’ said a member of VSU’s pedagogical team “Rodnik”, a student of the Faculty of History, Anna Batmanova.

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