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21.11.2016 14:54

Scientists from VSU and Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts are working on ways to improve human-computer interfaces

Researchers at the Laboratory of Medical Cybernetics of the Faculty of Computer Sciences are now launching a new project together with researchers from the Department of Industrial Design of Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts. The project will focus on industrial design and human-computer interfaces. Last month the participants signed an agreement according to which both parties are to organise a series of workshops on industrial and interface design.

Yaroslav Turovsky, Head of the Laboratory of Medical Cybernetics, told us about the project.

“It goes without saying, that design is the weakest spot of any Russian project. I first got to know my colleagues form the Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, when I read one of their articles in the Ergonomist. I liked the way they solved design problems, so I wrote to them and suggested that we may become partners. Some of my VSU colleagues and I were invited to Moscow to organise a workshop for the students of the Department of Industrial Design. This department specialises in graphical projects – modelling and manufacturing end products. And this is exactly the sphere where the results of our project will be applied. Alexander Alexeev, our engineer at the Laboratory of Medical Cybernetics, demonstrated an ocular interface that he developed himself. All the students had a chance to see what it is like when you get to control various objects with just your eyes. Then I told the audience about the major trends in brain-neural computer interfaces, EMG-based interfaces, and biofeedback systems based on breathing and heart rate. I also presented our own system for emotion transfer that can be applied in social networks and computer games. I also invited the audience and our colleagues to come to VSU and try everything that I had talked about for themselves, and they were all very enthusiastic about it. Then there was time for questions. The meeting lasted for over three hours due to how interested everyone was about the topic”.

The joint project is aimed at a large number of devices: neural computer interfaces, facial interfaces, EMG-based interfaces, breathing interfaces, and biofeedback devices. The results of the joint research project can also become basis for master’s degree and PhD theses. Scientists from Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts are also to give lectures and workshops at VSU, dedicated to the evolution in the design of modern gadgets and human-computer interfaces.

Maria Chervonaya, Associate professor at the Department of Industrial Design, supervises the project on behalf of the Stroganov Academy. This is her idea of prospective collaboration with VSU:

“Our joint project – “Design development for highly-potential human-computer interfaces” – is a unique opportunity for us – both the students and the lecturers of the Department of Industrial Design – to learn about the technologies developed by VSU’s Laboratory of Medical Cybernetics, and to suggest our own design for these technologies. We now have third- and fourth-year bachelor’s degree students involved in the project. They are doing it as part of their graduation research projects. We specialise in e-sport devices, consumer devices, drone control devices, etc. Our task within this project is to suggest original and functional designs that would be good from the aesthetic point of view, ergonomic, functional, and marketable. We are, of course, going to implement our ideas and present an end product. The results of the fist stage of the projects are due to be discussed on 14 December.” Several workshops will be held at VSU in February. In March, within the framework of the international project aimed at high-priority research in design, “DESIGN AREA”, the 7th National scientific conference “Design area of the XXI century. Design and cybernetics” will be held at Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts. The results of the project will be discussed at the conference and published together with other materials. The objectives of the project are:

  • to develop the design of the VSU Museum exhibition dedicated to art and medicine;
  • to present the results at the annual Museum Night held at the State Art Gallery "Na Kashirke”.

The ideas for the project were suggested by Elier Abdulaev, a third-year student of the Department of Industrial Design (supervised by Associate Professor N.V. Zhdanov and Associate Professor M.A. Chervonnaya), and Polina Rusakova, a fourth-year student of the Department of Industrial Design (supervised by Professor E.V. Zherdev and Associate Professor M.B. Udaltsova).

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