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05.12.2016 12:06

Anniversary of Sofia University

In November, students and teachers from the Faculty of Philology took pat in the celebrations held to mark the 70th anniversary of the introduction of the “Russian philology” education programme at the University of Sofia, and the 1100th anniversary of the Assumption of St. Clement of Ohrid, after whom the university was named.

VSU students Ksenia Anosova, Marina Pegusova, and Irina Stryapchikh, together with Sofia Zabolotnaya, Head of the Balkan Centre, took part in the 2nd International Philology Forum, held between 17 and 21 November in Sofia, Bulgaria. The forum discussed contemporary issues of Slavic studies, intercultural communication, translation, teaching foreign languages (Bulgarian in particular), Slavic literature, world literature, and international relations in the sphere of culture in the time of social and political changes. In their free time our students also had a chance to see the historical sights of the city, such as the Boyana Church, a medieval Bulgarian Orthodox church added to the UNESCO World Heritage List, and the Rila Monastery.

Here is what they told us about their journey.

“This trip to Bulgaria was the first time I’ve participated in a cultural exchange programme. It was great to feel part of an international scientific community. I made a report for the panel discussing modern trends in advertising. Although the other participants were all from different counties, we were concerned with similar problems, which makes me think we are moving in the right direction. We had a very interesting discussion that lasted long after the panel was over. Bulgaria smells of oranges and coffee. It gave us a very warm welcome, and I’d surely like to go there once again!” – said Ksenia Anosova.

“Participating in such conferences is vital for future researchers, as it gives them a chance to look at what they are doing from another angle and reconsider certain things. This is very much due to the way the work of the panels was organised. After listening to three reports, the chair of the panel commented on each of them and asked questions, after which the audience also had a chance to ask their questions. This approach encourages discussion and debate, and helps to determine the direction of your further research. For our students it is a huge step to the area of real science,” – said Marina Pegusova.

“For me, as a school teacher, this forum was a good opportunity to apply my abilities and skills. For me Bulgaria is a sunny country, whose people met us with bright smiles. I am very grateful to our university for the opportunity to share my research,” – said Irina Stryapchikh.

On 22–25 November, the University of Sofia held an international conference “Russian Philology today - traditions and prospects”. Professor Gennady Kovalev, Head of the Department of Slavic Philology, and Professor Tatiana Ternova, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Philology, took part in this conference and presented their research at the “Literary anniversaries in the anniversary year” panel.

They also discussed with their colleagues issues relating to further partnership between our universities. All the participants of the scientific events in Sofia were also invited to the youth forum “Student community and promoting Humanities in the XXI century” that is to be held at Voronezh State University in April 2017.

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