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08.02.2016 12:23

Our students – winners of the Russian Student Marathon

On February 6th, the closing ceremony of the Russian Student Festival was held at the health and sports centre "Orbita" in the Tuapse region of the Krasnodar Krai. Voronezh was represented by the VSU team "Doctor of Sciences, Professor Shvarzengold".

This year our team is the winner and the absolute champion, which strengthens our status as a leader acquired last year. Our team was also the best in sports competitions, and second in creativity contests.

Voronezh has once more been granted the title of the best students city in Russia, and VSU – the best university.

– The festival is full of various activities and emotions. We’ve been taking part in the festival since 2008, and from 2012 we’ve held the leading position. This year we are one of the best teams in creativity contests, and thanks to our sportsmen, we’ve become the best team in sports competitions. From the very first day our team were doing their best. It is very important for students to take part in such festivals, to win and to enjoy their success. They are really proud of their university! These thoughts are shared by everyone. “We have once more proved that VSU students are the most creative and do better in sports”, – said Alexandra Nazarova, Head of the Student Affairs and Social Development Department at VSU.

Members of the team are overwhelmed with happiness. We asked Natalia Zatsepina, a second-year student of the Faculty of Computer Sciences and the team captain, to tell us what she felt after the results had been announced.

– “That was awesome! They first announced the results of the last competitions, so those points added to what we had already and made a great difference. I was really proud when we were awarded prizes for the first place in sports competitions and the second in creative contests. When the time came to announce the final result, everyone held their breath. Third place goes to “Quality Mark”, Volgograd. In second place – “The team that I love”, Yaroslavl. There were no more doubts about who the winner was, but we still couldn’t believe it was true. We ran to the stage, but the moderator paused deliberately before announcing the winner. And finally, the winners – "Doctor of Sciences, Professor Shvarzengold”, Voronezh. I was over the moon with happiness. We really did it! I held the Cup and I still couldn’t believe that I was the captain of such a wonderful team, the team that made their best, even better, to become the winners. For me it’s a great honour to be the captain of such a team. I can’t even find words good enough to express my gratitude to all the guys - for enduring sleepless nights and constant pressure, for their energy, for our victory. Voronezh State University is the Champion of the Russian Student Marathon”.

VSU Press Service  


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