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16.03.2016 21:51

Winners of Vladimir Potanin Foundation's Contest

On March 15th, the Board of Experts of Vladimir Potanin Foundation's Scholarship Programme announced the results of the student's scholarship competition and the grant contest for teachers. Among the winners of the competition are students and teachers of Voronezh State University.

Of the 500 master's degree students winning the scholarship, there are 7 VSU students: Sergey Voischev and Viktoria Kosacheva (the Faculty of Mathematics), Nikolay Perunov (the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics), Irina Pravdina and Evgeny Chaplin (the Faculty of Philology), Elena Tyurina (the Faculty of Journalism), and Oleg Scherbov (the Faculty of Economics). They were awarded a monthly scholarship of 15 000 roubles.

We asked them to tell us what they felt when they received the news.

– I got the news from a friend of mine – she is from Perm. We were staying together at a hotel during the competition in Moscow. She sent me a message "We've got the scholarship! Yeeah!" I couldn't believe my eyes! There were a lot of very strong candidates at the competition, so I hardly hoped I could win. And this is not only about the scholarship. The programme's winners can participate in the Vladimir Potanin Foundation School, which is a great opportunity to improve your skills and knowledge and to become a better specialist, – said Elena Tyurina.

– Vladimir Potanin Foundation's Scholarship Programme is one of the most prestigious in Russia. The competition jury includes the most prominent specialists in their field. I've been developing the student community in our city for four years now – being the head of AIESEC organization in Voronezh - and I am glad that my work was assessed and got such an appraisal. Being a volunteer I've developed certain skills that helped me to win the contest and get the scholarship. This is really inspiring, – said Oleg Scherbov.

– For me, this competition was an opportunity to see what I am capable of. I want to become a good specialist, but I also want to develop my organisational and leadership skills. I hope the Foundation's summer school will give me the chance to do it, – Irina Pravdina told us.

This year, the grant contest for teachers included 700 participants with 100 teachers from 61 universitys becoming winners, including VSU’s Professor Alexander Vvedensky, Head of the Department of Physical Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemistry, who presented his project for a new master's degree programme «Modern Theoretical and Applied Electrochemistry» that is to be taught both in Russian and in English. The project team also includes Assistant professor Oleg Kozaderov, Assistant professor Svetlana Grushevskaya, Assistant professor Irina Protasova, and teacher Igor Nechaev. The aim of the project is to develop the above mentioned master’s programme and introduce it at our university.

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