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23.03.2016 21:06

Rostech State Corporation shows interest in cooperation with the university

On 23rd March, the Rector of Voronezh State University Professor Dmitry Endovitsky had a meeting with the Head of the Department of Communications and Mass Media Artem Verkhovtsev, the General Director of the National Informatisation Centre of the Rostech State Corporation (Rostechnologies State Corporation) Konstantin Solodukhin and the Head of the Department of Information Computation System of Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of Russian Academy of Sciences Felix Ereshko.

Dmitry Endovitsky started the meeting by telling the guests about the history of VSU, its international activity, and the university faculties. Three VSU faculties deal with information technologies – the Faculty of Computer Sciences, the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics and Mechanics, and the Faculty of Mathematics. During the admission campaign, competition for these faculties has always been very high.

The Rector also spoke about cooperation with leading IT companies that open corporate master’s programmes at the university and offer scholarships and internship placement opportunities for gifted students.

‘We are planning to build an Information Technologies Centre with the support of the Voronezh Region Government. It would consolidate IT research conducted by our university and other universities of our city. Our university is taking leading positions in the Central Black Earth Region and we are determined to move further. We are ready to join any interesting programme that needs highly qualified specialists and innovative ideas,’ said Dmitry Endovitsky.

‘The State Corporation Rostech has an Electronics cluster that brings together enterprises that develop electronic components and software solutions that can be used both in the defence industry and the civilian sector. The main goal of the Informatisation Centre is to become a software products developer in the Russian market. When we speak about software development we expect it to become standard for Russian companies. We are aimed at the long-term strategy of fostering Russian developers, it is very important for us to have young IT specialists who are eager to develop. Our main developers will be located in different regions of the Russian Federation. That is why we are also interested in cooperation with companies from Voronezh,’ said Konstantin Solodukhin.

He also emphasised how important it is to make young specialists work in Russian IT companies. It is very important to attract young specialists and stop the brain drain. The Russian software market has a lot of projects that can be of interest to students.

Dmitry Endovitsky agreed that the topic under discussion is very timely and suggested working out a strategy of cooperation with the State Corporation Rostech.

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