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31.03.2016 16:54

The university is to assists in foundation of advanced agriculture machinery production

Voronezh State University in cooperation with OOO Logus-agro has started to implement the project “Creating high tech production of next generation hi-tech intellectual mobile chemicalization equipment”.

The joint project is aimed at the production setup of next generation agricultural machinery for cultivated plant processing in unfavourable weather conditions, securing accurate metering function. Such machinery is unprecedented in Russia as the existing models do not meet up-to-date requirements. Using similar imported machinery is problematic because of its high cost.

VSU and Logus-agro’s project will assist in introducing sustainable technologies in agriculture, creating employment possibilities, and will lead to an influx of tax payments in budgets of different levels. A number of major agricultural companies of the Voronezh region and Central Black Earth Region have already expressed their interest in purchasing the machines that are being introduced into production.

The fact that the VSU partner OOO Logus-agro is a leader of the Voronezh region agricultural industry will contribute to the project’s success.  The company has many years, and a 1.5 billion rouble experience, in project investment, including innovative soil modification technology introduction.

The project involves a number of R&D projects by VSU researchers that will considerably enhance the competitiveness of the products. The following outstanding Voronezh scientists will take part in the project: Anatoly Bobreshov, Valery Artukhov, Ilia Zartsyn, and Vladimir Pryadkin.

The projected presented by VSU and Logus-agro was praised by the expert committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and is the only project in the Voronezh region that has received federal subsidies in the open competition between organisations for receiving grants for hi tech integrated project realisation (the seventh priority) (the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of 9th April 2010 № 218). Total investment funding will amount to 220 million roubles, including 110 million roubles of federal subsidies. Duration of the project is 2 years.

It should be mentioned that it is the fourth hi tech production project, that has been conducted by VSU researches in recent years. The total amount of investment, attracted by specialists of Voronezh State University is over 1 billion roubles. VSU is steadily developing into one of the regional economic drivers by means of putting into action the university’s modern innovative policy. Products resulting from the university intellectual property commercialization and introduction into production are in high demand and can adequately compete with similar western products.

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