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30.05.2016 20:37

Galichya Gora – 80 years with VSU

On May 28, the “Galichya Gora” reserve celebrated the 80th anniversary of its becoming part of Voronezh State University. VSU’s administration and employees as well as the representatives of Lipetsk universities and the authorities of the Lipetsk Region came to the reserve to congratulate its employees.

“Galichya Gora is a precious gem from our university's treasury. It is a unique facility, both from the cultural and environmental points of view. VSU is the only university in Europe that has its own nature reserve, and we are pleased that the authorities of the Lipetsk Region do a lot to support our reserve. All the employees of the reserve have one thing in common, the thing that makes them different from all the other people – they are all very enthusiastic about their job, and are really devoted to it. We are proud of the reserve and glad that we have an opportunity to tell all our guests about its nature, flora, and unique fauna. And we will do our best to keep “Galichya Gora” developing,” – said rector Dmitry Endovitsky in his welcoming speech.

The reserve was founded in 1925 and was first part of the Yelets local history museum. In 1936 “Galichya Gora” was handed over to Voronezh State University. Since then, VSU’s botanists, zoologists and geologists have been studying the flora and fauna of the area. Since 1975, the researchers working at the reserve have been collecting and analysing data that allows them to make annual forecasts of how the climate, flora, and fauna of the area is going to change.

One of the unique features of “Galichya Gora” is that it is a home for rare and endangered species of carnivorous birds, particularly such graceful and gorgeous birds as falcons and eagles. The nursery for carnivorous birds founded in 1990 by P.I. Dudin, where rare and endangered bird species registered in the Red Book of Russian Federation are bred, is extremely popular with visitors. One of the reserves objectives is to renew the natural populations of these birds by reintroducing hand-reared birds. At present there are saker falcons, peregrine falcons, imperial eagles, golden eagles, and some other species at the nursery.

From 5 to 20 falcons are released into their natural habitats every year. Some of the older birds – falcons and owls – live at the reserve. There are special facilities for them, and all the visitors of the reserve can watch these beautiful birds.

The “Galichya Gora” reserve is a unique place that has become like a second home for our biology and geology students. It is a place hard to forget.

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