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01.06.2016 20:14

The best innovative projects of young researchers were chosen at the University

On 1 June, the final presentation session of the VSU Contest of Innovative Projects “Start-Up Factory” 2015–2016 was held in the conference hall of the main building of Voronezh State University.

The contest started in September 2015. The jury considered 54 projects. A number of business workshops and master-classes were held during the contest to enhance the entrepreneurial activity of VSU students and researchers. The participants learnt about project management, basic principles of business planning, and the experience of the most successful business representatives who also began their career with a start-up.

‘Today our innovators have an opportunity to share their research projects with the community of Voronezh business people, politicians, and government representatives as well as to show that we have huge potential and many possibilities to implement innovations in the Voronezh Region. It is worth mentioning that at year-end 2015, VSU was named the best innovative university of the Voronezh Region. This might be proven by the number of research projects which surpassed the results of all 15 state universities in the Voronezh Region in terms of expenditure. We hope that the contest will be conducted among several universities, so we are glad to invite representatives of other universities to take part in it’ said Tatiana Davydenko, the head of the jury, the Vice-Rector for Innovations and Technology Commercialisation, at the opening ceremony.

After that, Alexander Khvan, the Head of the VSU innovative business incubator, summarised the contest statistics.

The 2016 Contest of Innovative Projects comprised:

  • 3 years of competitive selection of innovative projects designed by VSU students and staff members
  • 54 submitted applications
  • 11 projects selected for the final
  • Prizes of 120, 80, and 60 thousand roubles
  • Special awards of 20 and 15 thousand roubles

At the presentation session the jury of the contest included the deans of the faculties, University professors, and lecturers as well as the representatives of state institutions and the business community.

The prizes were distributed as follows:

  • The first prize of 120 thousand roubles was awarded to Andrey Chuvychkin for the project “Development of the Express Water Testing Kit “Rosa” for Everyday Usage”
  • The second prize of 80 thousand roubles was awarded to Andrey Kolupaev for the project “Mobile Communication Device for Blind, Deaf, and Mute People”
  • The third prize of 60 thousand roubles was awarded to Yulia Polkovnikova for the project “Development of the Innovative Encapsulated Dosage Forms of Afobazol”

The final presentation session was full of pleasant surprises for the finalists. For instance, all the finalists were awarded with prizes.

The following people were granted with winner certificates and special awards of 20 thousand roubles each:

  • Anna Kokhanovskaya for the project “Scientific Theatre”
  • Evgeniya Moiseeva for the project “Development of the Technology of the Common Oak (Quercus robur L.) Quickened Growth for the Reafforestation of the Central Black Earth Region”
  • Pavel Kulintsov for the project “Laboratory Production Line of Ion-Exchange Membranes”

The following people were granted finalist certificates and special awards of 15 thousand roubles each:

  • German Komarov for the project “Mould Powder Production Technologies Based on Mineralogical Studies”
  • Konstantin Fisenko for the project “Information System with the Tactile and Temperature Feedback in Myoelectric Prostheses”
  • Andrey Lun for the project “Colloidal Particle Size Analyser Based on the Method of Dielectric Spectroscopy”
  • Alexander Mamaev for the project “Rehabilitation Device for Blind and Partially Sighted People “Sukhbot””

Moreover, Konstantin Fisenko also received a special award granted by the Informsvyaz group of companies.

The jury were pleased to see the high level of science in the projects.

‘Such projects shape the start-up community and provide their authors with the opportunity to communicate with each other as well as to get feedback from the experts. I would like to recommend all project developers to pay more attention to the people, organisations, and companies that can become their future clients. You should try to be client-oriented even during the early stages, it is important for the development of any project’ said Vladimir Babkin, a representative of the Foundation for Developing Internet Initiatives.

Several participants were made collaboration offers by the sponsors of the contest. The VSU Department of Innovation and Business will continue to help the winners and finalists of the contest complete intellectual property applications, open small innovative businesses, and sign license agreements with the companies interested in the commercialisation of the results of their intellectual activity.

VSU Press Service  


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