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06.06.2016 14:20

Erasmus+ COMPLETE coordination meeting

Between 16–21 May, specialists of International Project and Programme Centre from Voronezh State University, Irina Bakalova and Lilia Zavialova, and the Deputy Head of the Voronezh Region Employment Department, Elena Maslova, took part in an Erasmus+ COMPLETE coordination meeting and a workshop that were held within the Erasmus+ COMPLETE project "Creating Employment Competences and Skills Development Centres” conducted at the High school of Business (FHM) (Bielefeld, Germany).

During the meeting, the participants reported on the work completed within the first work package. Irina Bakalova talked about the conducted survey, analysis of its results, preparation of a national report, and distribution of work among Russian partners. Elena Maslova’s speech was dedicated to demand and supply balance, influence of labour market demands, and oversaturation of the labour market by graduates of some specialities. The employees of International Project and Programme Centre also presented parts of the national report including definition of the term “employability” in political and economical context. The speech included data provided by the following university specialists: Dmitry Galushko, Associate Professor of the Department of International and European Law of the Law Faculty, Natalia Zhurbina, the Head of the International Cooperation Department, and Irina Shilova, a lecturer from the Department of International Economics and International Business of the Faculty of International Relations.

Among other speakers of the workshop were representatives of career assistance and employment centres and competency centres of various European universities: the High School of Business (FHM) (Bielefeld, Germany), the University of Münster (Germany), the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany), the University of Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (Germany), Heidelberg University (Germany), the University of Maribor (Slovenia), and Education Institute of Piraeus (Greece).

The participants of the coordination meeting made a number of agreements regarding further preparation of the national report in the process of the project implementation, developed the report structure for partner universities, and approved the deadlines and the volume of information to be provided. Moreover, the meeting included discussion of possibilities of joint publications and teaching aids in line with the project.

It should be noted that COMPLETE project was supported as a part of the Erasmus+ programme – “Capacity Building in Higher Education” which is a follow-up of the Tempus programme. All in all, 57 project applications with participation of Russian organisations and universities were submitted and 22 were approved for implementation in 2015-2018, including the Erasmus+ project, COMPLETE. The consortium include five Russian universities, three universities from Kazakhstan, the High School of Business (FHM), Piraeus University of Applied Sciences (Technological Education Institute of Piraeus), the University of Maribor (Slovenia), and the Institute of Further Education, Labour Market, and Social Policy (Germany). The project is aimed at creating centres that will offer consultations on bachelor’s and master’s students training with a competency-based approach and will deal with employment issues. Creation of such centres is determined by the fact that universities in Russia and Kazakhstan have no special programmes contributing to employment of graduates and cooperation between employers and universities.

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