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11.08.2016 17:30

Our university receives 5 international projects in Erasmus+ contest

The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency of the European Commission has published the results of Erasmus+ contest for the following areas:

  • Сapacity building in Higher Education
  • Jean Monnet Activities

Voronezh State University gained five projects from the programme.

Сapacity building in Higher Education had 736 applications submitted, of which 147 were granted support, including 16 projects with participation of Russian universities, 2 projects by Voronezh State University among them:

  1. Internalisation of Electronic Engineering Master’s Programmes in Russia and China (INSPIRE)
    The project is coordinated by University of Technology of Belfort-Montbeliard (France). The consortium includes universities from Germany, France, Italy, China, and Russia.
  2. Introduction of ECTS in Professional Education in Russia and Uzbekistan (RUECVET)
    The project coordinator is the University of Nicosia (Cyprus). The partnership includes universities from Malta, Cyprus, Latvia, Uzbekistan, and Russia.

Jean Monnet Actions

A total of 1011 projects were submitted, 262 of them were supported, including 31 projects involving Russian universities. Voronezh State University gained 3 projects. In the nearest future, a decision on financing of a reserve list project will be announced.

  1. The Educational Module “Reducing Shadow Economy: Adapting European Experience in Russia”
    (the Faculty of International Relations, Associate Professor D.G. Lomsadze)
  2. The Educational Module “Migration in the European Union: Concerns and Prospects.
    (the Faculty of International Relations, Associate Professor N.Ye. Zhurbina, the Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology, Associate Professor Ye.I. Yakushkina).
  3. Research project “Higher Education in Europe from Viewpoint of Russian Students. Investigation of Barriers for Successful Studies Caused by Differences in Educational Processes in Russia and the EU”
    (the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology, and Tourism)
  4. Research project “Tax Sovereignty and Protection of Taxpayers’ Rights in the EU: an Experience for Russia (on the reserve list)
    (the Faculty of Law, the Department of Financial Law).

Results are currently expected for another Erasmus+ area “Projects on Organizing University Students’ and Staff’s Mobility” (Credit Mobility).” VSU faculties submitted ten projects within this area.

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