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15.11.2017 18:30

Tribute to the founders of our university

On 15 November, the 99th birthday of VSU, students and teachers gathered at the entrance hall of the Main Building to lay flowers at the commemorative plaque dedicated to the founders of our university. The audience was welcomed by Oleg Grishayev, vice-rector for Student Affairs and Social Development, who then turned the floor over to the rector, Dmitry Endovitsky.

“In May and June 1918, our university was moved from Derpt (Tartu), and the classes started on 12 November. From 1918 and up to 1990s, VSU was the only university in the Central Black Earth Region. This is why Voronezh, then a small town, became a university city, and its fate completely changed. People think that it is thanks to our university that Voronezh has become the cultural, academic, and intellectual capital of the Central Black Earth Region. We have a good tradition – to pay tribute to the founders of our university. And I would like our students to pay attention to the following. Voronezh State University is not simply a place where you can get knowledge. It shows you a different way of life and gives you greater opportunities. This is why it is important to love your university and support it,” – said the rector.

He then congratulated the audience on behalf of the Governor of the Voronezh Region, Alexey Gordeev.

The rector's councillor, Vladimir Listengarten, also congratulated the teachers, staff, and students:

“A lot can be said about every person whose name is on this commemorative plaque. They worked very hard all their lives and did a lot for the development of Voronezh State University. By paying tribute to them, we actually pay tribute to everyone who contributed to the growth of our university. We do not forget those people, and they are alive for as long as we remember them. Today is a special day. Next year we are celebrating VSU’s centenary. Our government decided that this day should be celebrated not only by us, the university community, but it should become a special day, a festivity day for everyone in the Voronezh Region and the Central Black Earth Region. We will do our best to implement the motto “VSU for the home city, the region, and the country”, and make sure that our university will celebrate its centenary the way it deserves.

At the end of the ceremony, the rector laid flowers to the commemorative plaque dedicated to the founders of the university – V.G. Alexeev, A.D. Bogoyavlensky, N.N. Burdenko, V.E. Grabar, V.E. Regel, P.P. Sambikin, N.A. Sakharov, K.K. Saint-Iler, V.E. Tarasenko, and L.D. Shaland.

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