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15.11.2017 19:37

VSU graduate published a book about Afghan people

On 15 November, Andrey Safonov, a graduate of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, presented his book “The Pashtuns” at the History Museum of Voronezh State University.

The presentation was attended by Muhammad Nawid, director of ANO Pashtun, Vladimir Rodionov, Head of the Institute of International Education of Voronezh State University, Alexander Timashov, personal assistant of the governor of the Voronezh Region, Buire Gulam, Deputy Chairman of the Afghan community in Voronezh, Sergey Gaponov, Head of the Department of Zoology and Parasitology of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, and VSU teachers and students.

In his book the author tries to tell the history of the Pashtuns – one of the ethnic groups we still know very little about. The Pashtuns live in Afghanistan and are estimated to number around 42 million. They make up the largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. The book does not include the British period and the current history of Afghanistan. It tells the history of the Pashtuns starting from the earliest references in historical documents and up to the moment when they formed their first independent state.

The second part of the book presents a translation of a book by one of the most famous an outstanding local writers Khan Abdul Ghani Khan (comparable to Leo Tolstoy in Russia). Khan Abdul Ghani Khan tells about his people, their everyday life, customs, and traditions, both with great pride and irony.

“I enjoyed the book very much. The author speaks from his very heart and this helps you to understand why the Pashtuns are so conservative, stubborn, proud, and self-centred. But they are not the only ethnic group in Afghanistan and Pakistan, there are many others. I hope some day we will get to know each other better,” – said Vladimir Rodionov, Head of the Institute of International Education of Voronezh State University.

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