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30.11.2017 11:51

Our interns in Morocco

On 24 November, students of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology together with students of the Faculty of International Relations held a conference where they talked about the results of their internship and language practice at Sup'Management (Fez, Morocco).

The students were welcomed by Oleg Belenov, Head of the Department for International Cooperation. He expressed his gratitude to the Department of French Philology for their active work and emphasised the importance of international contacts. Head of the Department of French Philology, Elena Alexeyeva, said that students are always eager to practice their language skills during such internships, and wished the students good luck with their reports.

The participants also got feedback in the form of a video made by the staff of the International Centre of Sup'Management university. On behalf of the rector, professor Erkik Idrissi Abdessalam, they expressed their gratitude to VSU for organising the conference dedicated to the Independence Day in Morocco celebrated on 18 November.

They also said they hoped that VSU students would find the knowledge they had acquired very useful. They also thanked the dean of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, Olga Boriskina, and the coordinator of the moroccan project, Elena Kashkina, for the cooperation and for organising the conference.

This was the first time that the results of an internship were presented in the format of a conference. Students talked about their experience of completing their internship in the multilingual environment of a partner-university.

Second year students of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology completed a course in Arabic, and had a chance to practice both Arabic and French. They made reports about the specifics and history of Maghreb – the most Western part of the East, as well as the relations between Russia, Morocco, and France today. They also talked about the education system in Morocco. It is now being reformed, but it is still greatly influenced by the traditions and culture of the East, and is very different from the practical and dynamic western education system. The students also told the audience about the great variety of languages used in Morocco - Arabic, Berber, French, Maghrebi Arabic, Spanish, and English.

Third year students of the Faculty of International Relations completed their internships in Fez and got to know the management system of the partner-university. They also visited the offshore area in Fez, Nador City, where they had a tour of the docks.

Such internships give students unique experience in international relations that they can use in the future.

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