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15.12.2017 15:23

Over 1,000 fans of science or “Scientific Film Days”

The Scientific Film Days were held in Voronezh State University for the third time. Seven new popular-science films were presented during the event.

The festival attracted over 1,000 people and its organisers demonstrated a lot of creativity. The event extended beyond film shows. The first five nights, the audience had a chance to enjoy extraordinary experiments by the Creative Science team, educative entertainment by Atomic Energy Information Centre, intellectual games, photo exhibitions, lectures, and master classes.

Each film was followed by an informal discussion with visiting experts, among which were Dmitry Lyubashevsky, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Physics of Voronezh State University, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Evgeny Rudnev and Alexandre Kharin, PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Anatoly Gorbunov and Olga Bykovskaya, PhD in Geography, Ivan Chudotvortsev, PhD in Chemistry, Vladimir Larchenkov, a postgraduate student from the Department of Biochemistry and Cell Physiology, Edgar Kazanchyan and Pavel Kostryukov, postgraduate students from the Department of Physics, Ekaterina Danilkova, the chairperson of Voronezh Mountaineering Federation, Dmitry Mokhov and Dmitry Krasnikov, members of the students’ sports club “Khitschnye Bobry” (Rapacious Beavers), and Nikolay Sereda, VSU graduate.

The Scientific Film Days make science more approachable. Pressing topics and enthralling discussions inspired the audience to research. Presents from sponsors for the most observant participants were a pleasant bonus.  The films, which were demonstrated during the festival, were dedicated to various areas of scientific knowledge and different skills. A good example of such films is “The Altitude Gene or How to Get to Everest”, which was the most popular among viewers.

“I really liked the film. It is true that you have very confusing feelings when climbing. I know what climbing is about. When you climb up you hate the whole world. You wonder: “Why am I doing it?” But when you climb down the first question you ask is: “When are we going again?” The film is very true to life. The emotions are incredible! I have conquered two summits and I’m not going to stop. The film helped me understand it anew” said a master’s student from the Faculty of Physics of Voronezh State University, Evgeny Tistchuk.

The climax of the festival was an exceptional event for Voronezh, “Night University”. VSU opened its doors for all volunteers to visit it after 10 pm. Even at night, the participants of the event aspired after knowledge. One of the most sought-after attractions were mobile planetarium, a unique Anatomy Museum of Voronezh State University, and “Einstein's Language” – a scientific comedy show by Atomic Energy Information Centre.

“We visited “Einstein's Language”. The thing that stuck in my memory is a news story about an agony robot on Facebook to which you can write a letter and complain about your life. It sounds interesting! We tired it out right away. We must have another look at it and try to understand what it’s all about,” said a VSU student and the festival’s participant, Anna Shentseva.

Among other events popular with night visitors were the psychological game “Shelter” and a game room from “Mosigra”.

It is worth mentioning that this festival (formerly called Contemporary Scientific Film Festival) which has only been held in few cities apart from Voronezh was a starting point for the Creative Science team which was created in 2013.

“I believe that we have to popularise science and this is a way to do it. The main goal of the project is to introduce as large an audience as possible with contemporary scientific films and to spark the interest in science and today research. And the great amount of home-made films that talk about Russian scientists make them feel even more patriotic,’ said Natalia Kuznetsova, an organiser of the project and a member of the Creative Science team.

VSU Press Service  


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