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25.12.2017 15:53

Anniversary year brings new style

In 2018, Voronezh State University celebrates its 100th anniversary. Prior to the anniversary, a new brand style for the university was developed.

The new brand style was presented to the members of the organisation committee for the 100th anniversary and the members of the Board of Trustees at a session of VSU Academic Board and was unanimously approved by their members.

The new logo and brand style were developed by Red Collar, one of the leading Russian digital agencies.

The developed logo does not abolish the official coat of arms of the university and does not diminish its significance. The coat of arms is an emblem to which heraldic rules apply. It is a part of the university’s heritage. The new logo retains the image of the coat of arms, which is a historical symbol of the university. The image looks like a shield, the upper part of which symbolises the open book of knowledge. In the centre, there are three keys which open the doors to the sanctuary of sciences. Bits embody variety of faculties as there are many keys to different areas of knowledge. The form of the middle key resembles the outlines of the main building of VSU and that explains the central position of the key.

“Most employees at our agency are graduates of VSU. It was a very demanding challenge for us to help our alma mater to create a modern European house-style and to climb one more step up,” said Denis Lomov, the creative director of the agency that developed the identica.

“VSU has taken a leap forward to become more recognised in Russia and abroad. The brand style is an element that is part of corporative management, the goal of which is to strengthen the university's community with a single distinctive symbol, to eliminate the eclectic style of the published products of faculties and when presenting them and their academic programmes to prospective students. For VSU, it also an opportunity to provide visual identidy for our current and prospective partners.  The team of the digital agency Red Collar demonstrated a lot of professionalism and high responsibility when dealing with this complicated task. These changes were not very easy for us. I also would like to note that only few Russian universities do not only have heraldry and registered trademarks but a brand style. They are dynamic universities that have their own recognisable images. VSU is one such university,” said the Rector of VSU, Dmitry Endovitsky.

Guidelines for the brand style and its basic elements

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