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20.03.2017 17:09

The President of the Mongolian Chamber of Mines becomes an Honorary Doctor of VSU

On 20 March, a delegation from Erdenet Mining Corporation (Mongolia) paid a visit to Voronezh State University. The delegation was comprised of the company’s executive director, vice-president of the Business Council for the Cooperation with the Russian Federation, president of the Mongolian Chamber of Mines, Badamsuren Khookhor, executive director’s adviser on foreign relations, Purvee Yadamzhav, and secretary, Anna Simonova.

The guests had a meeting with the rector of the university, Dmitry Endovitsky, who told them about the university, the education of international students, and VSU’s upcoming 100th anniversary.

‘Students from Mongolia are very talented and they stand out from other foreign students in their approach to research. They study humanities, and I hope that they will also study fundamental disciplines and technical specialities at VSU,’ said the rector.

All in all, 46 students from Mongolia have graduated from Voronezh State University and 7 people are currently studying at the largest university in the Black Earth region.

Mr. Khookhor shared his experience in the mining industry and talked in detail about Erdenet. He said that the company has about 300 Russian specialists. Badamsuren Khookhor expressed his hope for further cooperation with Voronezh State University.

In order to strengthen the friendly ties and to develop cooperation the Academic Council decided to award Mr. Khookhor with the title of  Honorary Doctor of Voronezh State University. The meeting in the rector’s office was followed by the official awards ceremony. After the student hymn Gaudeamus, the rector of VSU again welcomed the audience and spoke about the wonderful university tradition of awarding prominent people with honorary titles of our university. He gave a short overview of Mr. Khookhor’s biography and listed his achievements in his professional career, including the membership in the International Academy of Higher Education, the International Academy of Informatisation, and the Mining Science Academy of the Russian Federation.

‘Thanks to Badamsuren Khookhor, VSU signed two memoranda, one with the Mongolian Technical University and one with the Mongolian National University. They deal with the programme of cooperation development in the area of higher education. We have also signed cooperation agreements with the Ministry of Education of Science of Mongolia and the Ministry of Mining Industry of Mongolia. I am very happy to award you with the title of the Honorary Doctor of VSU and a medal for your personal contribution to the strengthening of scientific ties between Voronezh State University and Mongolian universities, your support of the mining industry and science development initiatives of the two countries,’ said Dmitry Endovitsky.

The honorary doctor of VSU thanked the university administration and the Academic Council for the honour:

‘We will continue our mission of strengthening and developing cooperation between the universities of Mongolia and Russia. Many years of cooperation have made our countries close friends. Russian people have always contributed to the development of our country, especially in the area of education.’

Mr. Khookhor told the audience that geological prospecting in Mongolia has revealed about a thousand mine fields and about a thousand ore indications, thus opening opportunities for the development of the mining industry. He offered some statistics: today, Mongolian mining industry accounts for 64% of all industrial products and over 80% of total export of the country.

The honorary doctor of VSU emphasised that the company and Voronezh State University have expansive opportunities for collaboration which he was planning to discuss later with representatives of the Faculty of Geology. In the end of the official meeting the parties signed an agreement on the strategic partnership.

The programme of the honorary guests continued in the Book Museum where they saw some unique books and met Mongolian students who study at VSU.

VSU Press Service  


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