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03.05.2017 19:11

Our students take part in the Vitaly Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations

Between 16 and 21 April, students from the Faculty of International Relations of Voronezh State University took part in the Vitaly Churkin Moscow International Model United Nations which was held at Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Like last year, the Model United Nations was conducted in the six official languages of the United Nations.

This year, participants from 66 countries came to the event. Among them, were representatives from France, Germany, the USA, Great Britain, Ukraine, and many other countries. They came to Russia to take part in the event and to get new experience. It is worth mentioning the high professional level of all delegates.

Our university was represented at the event by the following students: Mikhail Polyansky, Anton Butov, Daniil Gorokhov, Danil Motruk, Anastasia Sharova, Sofia Petrova, and Artem Zolotarev. Anton Butov was in the committee that was held in Chinese and Mikhail Polyansky had a chance to take part in the Security Council (the working language – English) which discussed the issue of nuclear non-proliferation and the nuclear programme of the Republic China. Five countries of the Security Council have the right to veto. None of the resolution projects were supported by all members which led to the creation of the so called Conciliation Commission (it is one of the distinguishing features of the Model United Nations). The Conciliation Commission is represented by six countries (three countries from each coalition) which work with the two unsuccessful projects to create final documents. The Kingdom of Sweden represented by a VSU student, Mikhail Polyansky, was chosen to represent the coalition headed by the USA and France. It was to find a compromise with Moscow, Beijing, and Pyogyang. The participants spent about seven hours debating the final resolution behind closed doors. They had to find a solution which would satisfy both parties.

“Such an experience helps you to understand how difficult it is to find a compromise in international relations. We managed to prepare the final document which will be sent to the UN House in Moscow. Its provisions on the agenda will probably be considered by the representatives of the Russian Federation to the United Nations in future,” said Mikhail.

He also visited the first Russian Model OSCE which was organised by the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The level of its participants was also quite high.

“Participation in the conference was of great practical importance for me. The topic of my thesis is German contemporary security policy in Europe. The two weeks in Moscow flew by really fast. I recommend all students from the Faculty of International Relations who would like to try to take part in the Model UN not to hesitate and to register for the Model UN, because such events open up many opportunities for making new professional contacts and acquiring new practical skills,” said Mikhail Polyansky.

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