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15.05.2017 15:20

Balkan Days at VSU – discussing current issues in philology, culture, and education

On 10 and 11 May, the second international conference “FILKO – Philology, Culture, and Education” was held at Voronezh State University. The aim of the conference was to discuss the role of humanities in education.

The conference was organised jointly with the Goce Delcev University (Stip, Macedonia), which also held the first one. The opening ceremony started with the performance of VSU's folk music group, Terem. Then Oleg Belenov, head of the Department for International Cooperation, addressed the audience with words of welcome:

“Our nations are very close as we have common slavic ancestors. We hope, that our partnership will develop further, no matter what.”

Olga Berdnikova, the dean of the Faculty of Philology, talked briefly about the partnership between our universities that started with signing a partnership agreement in 2016, as well as about the planned joint events and projects.

“The name of the conference is symbolic as it concerns not only linguists, university teachers and cultural experts, but everyone who has something to do with culture. On the one hand, philology, education, and culture bring people from various countries – and first of all the slavic ones – closer together. On the other hand, they help us retain our national and cultural identity, which is extremely important in modern world,” – said Olga Berdnikova.

Svetlana Yakimovskaya, deputy dean of the Faculty of Philology of the Goce Delcev University, in her welcoming speech reminded the participants and guests of the conference the words of the university’s proxy, a Bolgarian revolutionary Goce Delcev: “Our world is a field of cultural battles between nations”.

“Any country’s future depends on its youth, and for the youth to be active we need qualified professors and teachers, who are willing to exchange their experience and knowledge with their colleagues. I hope this conference will help us achieve our goal.

The plenary session also included a report by Sofya Zabolotnaya, head of the Balkan Centre of VSU. She told the guests about the centre and invited everyone to take part in its work - to develop academic programmes, organise workshops, conferences, and other events.

The conference programme included four panels: Linguistics and Linguistic Education, Intercultural Communication, Literature, and Culture. Among the participants of the conference were researchers from the Goce Delcev University, Voronezh State University, and other universities from Voronezh, as well as school teachers from Voronezh and other cities, and students.

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