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25.01.2018 21:07

Voronezh State University celebrated Russian Students' Day

Voronezh State University celebrated Russian Students' Day. Oleg Grishayev, Vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Social Development, on behalf of the university’s administration congratulated the students who gathered at the entrance hall of the Main Building. He also announced the winner of the photo competition “Why I love VSU”. Yulia Efremova, a student of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and a member of VSU's volunteer club, found the best way to express her feelings about the university and was given a prize.

“I love my university for the knowledge and experience. For the opportunity to try myself in various areas. For the sympathy and support of the teachers and my follow-students. For the right to become a professional and an active citizen. I’d like to congratulate the university on its anniversary and wish it to keep attracting more and more students. To be the first in everything! To develop, improve, and reach the goals that are set! And we – the students – will always be there to help,” – wrote Yulia Efremova on her VKontakte social network page.

Acting Head of the main Voronezh regional office of the Central Black Earth Branch of PAO Sberbank, Sergey Polyansky, also made a speech. He presented the university with a collection of books from the “Sberbank Library” series.

“These are very useful books by world famous authors. They help people to develop and encourage them to think about their goals and their role in life, and help them to find their real selves. When you graduate, we’ll be happy to welcome you as members of our team,” – said Sergey Polyansky.

Today over 2000 VSU graduates work at the Central Black Earth Branch of PAO Sberbank.

There was then a surprise for the students by VSU's catering service – a six-meter pie stuffed with chicken and cheese, and decorated with the symbols of the university.  There was also a "Vacancy Bar" organised by the company Dom.ru. VSU students submitted their CVs and tried unique non-alcoholic cocktails: Sales Manager, Sales and Service Specialist, Corporate Services Manager, Sales Department Supervisor, Head of the Sales Department B2C. Valeria Linkova, a second year student of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, tried the Sales and Service Specialist and said that it tasted sweet and sour.

There was also an award ceremony for the members of the Association of student sports clubs. It was held by the vice-Rector for Student Affairs and Social Development, Oleg Grishaev. About 80 VSU students won awards in volleyball, basketball, football, table tennis, and chess. They include both women’s and men’s teams. The award ceremony was organised by the members of the students’ sports club “Khitschnye Bobry” (Rapacious Beavers). Among the most important events for our sportsmen was the victory at the city Spartakiad dedicated to Russian Students' Day. Our team competed with 15 teams of other Voronezh universities and won two diplomas and a cup.

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