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31.10.2018 18:25 Ratings / Viewed: 608

The ranking of universities in Emerging Europe and Central Asia is published

QS EECA University Rankings that cover about 300 universities from 25 countries has been published.


31.10.2018 12:23 Collaboration / Viewed: 548

Lecturers from the Faculty of Journalism give talks to students from a Turkish university

Alla Shesterina, Professor from the Department of the Television and Radio Journalism, and Ekaterina Kurganova, Associate Professor from the Department of Public Relations, took part in the international cooperation programme Mevlana implemented between Voronezh State University and Ataturk University (Erzurum, Turkey).


31.10.2018 11:20 Culture, Education / Viewed: 650

A new season of Large University for a Large City project begins

A new season of the cultural project "A Large University for a Large City” began on 27 October.


30.10.2018 15:17 Innovations / Viewed: 542

University takes part in the international forum "Open innovations"

The Moscow international forum of innovative development "Open innovations 2018" which took place in Skolkovo technopark achieved a record-high. This year, it gathered 20 thousand participants from 90 countries. Voronezh State University took part in the event.


30.10.2018 14:13 Innovations / Viewed: 829

A development by researchers from Voronezh State University and Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University enters the top 100 of the best inventions in Russia

A joint development of scientists from Voronezh State University and Burdenko Voronezh State Medical University "Device for cardio-respiratory analysis and a method to estimate cardio-respiratory state" enters the top 100 of the best inventions in Russia in the area "Medicine and medical equipment".


30.10.2018 12:10 Collaboration, Student's life / Viewed: 659

University takes part in the 21st quarter-final of the programming world championship for student’s teams

In mid October, the 21st quarter-final of the programming (ACM) world championship for student’s teams took place at Chernyshevsky Saratov National Research University.


29.10.2018 13:06 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 538

A new stage in the development of Chinese relations

On 29 October, a meeting between the delegation of the people's government of the Qinghai province (China) and representatives of Voronezh State University and Voronezh State Technical University took place at Voronezh State University.


26.10.2018 12:01 Collaboration, Scholarships and grants, Student's life / Viewed: 544

Students receive Erasmus+ scholarships

A scheduled meeting of the exchange programme board took place in Voronezh State University. The board chose students to participate in exchange programmes.


25.10.2018 17:57 Culture / Viewed: 491

Exhibition of reproductions of Nikolay Roeriсh's paintings opens in the university

On 24 October, the exhibition "Unknown Roerich" organised by the Yalta scientific and philosophic society "World through Culture" took place in Voronezh State University.


23.10.2018 17:51 Education, Research / Viewed: 608

University's professor is the winner of the 3rd International Competition among University Teachers

The Head of the Department of Finances and Credit at the Faculty of Economics of Voronezh State University, Elena Sysoyeva, became the winner of the 3rd International Competition among University Teachers (within the Development of Competencies in Professional Education – 2018" in the area of "Economic sciences".


22.10.2018 12:48 Pre-university education, Sport / Viewed: 631

Young swimmers take part in a competition in the university swimming pool

5th children's swimming tournament took place in the VSU swimming pool.


19.10.2018 17:44 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 632

Rectors of leading universities discuss contemporary issues of science and education at the first Russian-Uzbek educational forum

On 18 October, the first Russian-Uzbek educational forum "New Staff for New Economy" took place in Tashkent.


19.10.2018 13:38 Education, Research / Viewed: 664

Internationalisation of ecological education at the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences

Between 8 and 16 October, the lecturers of the Department of Ecology and Land Resources of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of Voronezh State University paid a visit to Nanjing Forestry University (Nanjing, China) and Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University (Fuzhou, China).


19.10.2018 11:36 Collaboration / Viewed: 591

Our representatives take part in a meeting for French language teachers at the French Embassy in Russia

The French Embassy in the Russian Federation organised a meeting for French language teachers from Russian partner universities.


18.10.2018 19:22 Culture / Viewed: 546

Opinion poll – the monument in front of the university should be dedicated to education

In 2018 the reconstruction of the Universitetskaya Ploschad began.


18.10.2018 18:20 Collaboration / Viewed: 522

Partnership agreement with Samarkand State University of Foreign Languages

On 18 October, Voronezh State University and Samarkand State University of Foreign Languages (Uzbekistan) signed a partnership agreement.


18.10.2018 17:17 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 604

A French professor gave a series of lectures at the university

VSU continues to implement the EBMA double degree programme (General Management) following the partnership agreement with ISC Paris Business School.


17.10.2018 15:15 Ratings / Viewed: 638

VSU listed in the ranking of the top universities of the BRICS countries

The QS World University Rankings has published its annual ranking of the top universities of the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in 2019.


16.10.2018 12:12 Sport / Viewed: 581

Our student won the National Championship in Free-Style Wrestling

Between 13 and 14 October, the 19th National Championship in Free-Style Wrestling dedicated to the honoured coach, S.I. Gorozhankin, was held at the "Zvezdnyi” sport and fitness facility.


15.10.2018 19:07 Research / Viewed: 695

Intel and the organising committee of an international conference praised the set of study materials on parallel programming developed by VSU's researchers

Head of the Department of Digital Technologies of Voronezh State University, Professor Sergey Kurgalin, and Associate Professor from the same department, Sergey Borzunov, have won an award from the Intel corporation and the organising committee of the international conference “Supercomputer days in Russia” for their set of study materials in parallel programming.


12.10.2018 15:01 Collaboration, Innovations / Viewed: 538

Partnership with a Romanian university

On 12 October, representatives of Danubius University (Galati, Romania) visited Voronezh State University.


12.10.2018 13:54 Innovations, Pre-university education / Viewed: 639

Pupils will present their innovative projects at university

Voronezh State University launched the second season of the “Innovation League” – the first university innovation preaccelerator in Russia.


11.10.2018 17:36 Collaboration / Viewed: 708

VSU and Ibero-American world

On 11 October, Voronezh State University delegation together with its rector Dmitry Endovitsky participated in the 3rd Forum of Rectors of Ibero-American and Russian Universities held in Moscow.


11.10.2018 15:33 Education / Viewed: 569

Staff from the Faculty of Philology took part in educational events in Kazakhstan

Between 4 and 8 October, a series of educational, research and methodology events dedicated to the Russian language, literature, culture, and history was held in Kazakhstan.


10.10.2018 18:27 Collaboration, Education, Innovations / Viewed: 902

Centre for the development of artificial intelligence technologies opened at VSU

Voronezh State University together with Concern Sozvezdie (a division of the Ruselectronics holding owned by the state corporation Rostec) opened the Centre for the Development of Artificial Intelligence Technologies.


09.10.2018 17:22 Student's life / Viewed: 562

Achievements in cinematography

A documentary “Way to the spring” by a 4th year student of the Faculty of Journalism of Voronezh State University, Dmitry Sterlikov, supervised by A.M. Shesterinа, won the 5th open competition of child and youth cinematography “Kinovertikal”, financed by the President's grant aimed at the development of civil society.


04.10.2018 18:11 Research, Student's life / Viewed: 686

The Federal Student Tournament of Three Sciences – brining science and business together

Between 26 and 30 September, Voronezh held the final of the Federal Student Tournament of Three Sciences, one of the last such events in 2018.


03.10.2018 16:06 Student's life / Viewed: 571

Autumn Parliamentary Debate Tournament

Between 29 and 30 September, the Faculty of History of VSU held the 4th Open Autumn Parliamentary Debate Tournament dedicated to the university’s centenary.


03.10.2018 11:01 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 606

Staff from the Faculty of Philology gave lectures in Armenia and Azerbaijan

Between 24 and 27 September, staff from the Faculty of Philology of Voronezh State University participated in educational, cultural, and scientific events held in Armenian and Azerbaijan.


02.10.2018 15:53 Collaboration, Education, Research / Viewed: 779

The leading scientists discussed the achievements of modern genomics

On 2 October, the 4th International scientific conference “Post-genomic technologies in medicine: theory and practice” was held at Voronezh Sate University.


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