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12.10.2018 13:54

Pupils will present their innovative projects at university

Voronezh State University launched the second season of the “Innovation League” – the first university innovation preaccelerator in Russia.

During the academic year school pupils will attend master classes and work with tutors who will help them in developing their projects. The participants will learn how to develop a project, promote it, determine the customer, calculate the budget of the project, as well as how to assess the risks and work out the ways to avoid them. The research areas of the league are Physics and Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology, IT, and Social and Economic Sciences.

This year pupils of 10–11 forms can participate in the project.

The Vice Rector for Research and Innovations Vasily Popov said that last year the league’s tutors were representatives of the leading companies who organised master classes and talked about the innovative ideas that had already been implemented.

“We actually managed to build up teams of young innovators. It is not easy to be a scientist, and it is a very respected occupation. The ability to apply scientific discoveries to real world problems is a competence one needs to develop as early as possible”, – said Vasily Popov.

This year, the winners of the first “Innovation League” entered Voronezh State University. Many of them keep working on their projects.

“At the “Innovation League” I talked about water treatment systems made of polymeric materials. It was an interesting project and I was eager to see the results. I think I will be able to implement my idea on a larger scale in the future. My advice to young participants is not to be afraid. Don't fear to tell about your projects, which are completely unique, different from the others”, – said Valeria Vostrikova, one of the winners of the league and now a student of the Faculty of Mathematics.

“We don’t just train school children so that they could be able to enter university, we also develop leadership qualities. The participants of the project have a unique opportunity to enter the sphere of innovations and then to develop their projects while studying at university”, – said the initiator of the “Innovation League” Igor Svertkov, the director of the Borisoglebsk branch of VSU.

Over 300 school children from 38 schools in the Voronezh Region submitted their applications for the “Innovation League”.

“It was one of our teachers who told me about the league. She suggested that I give it a try. I still have only a vague idea of what my project will be, but I definitely know the research area. I want to develop a project in Biology, something related to nature reserves”, said Alexander Seregin, a pupil of gymnasium No. 10.

“My project will be about psychology, about social conflicts. I already have some ideas. I want to learn as much as possible about the human psychology. I want to know how people perceive certain actions and how they behave in various situations. I am going to work on my project after the “Innovation League” as well”, said Ekaterina Magii, a pupil of gymnasium No. 10.

This year, partner companies GK Informsvyaz-Chernozemye (Freedom) and Biruch-NT Innovation Centre (R&D of GK EFKO) will also give prises in their own nominations.

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