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15.10.2018 19:07

Intel and the organising committee of an international conference praised the set of study materials on parallel programming developed by VSU's researchers

Head of the Department of Digital Technologies of Voronezh State University, Professor Sergey Kurgalin, and Associate Professor from the same department, Sergey Borzunov, have won an award from the Intel corporation and the organising committee of the international conference “Supercomputer days in Russia” for their set of study materials in parallel programming. As a prize Intel granted the researchers a free academic licence for Intel® Parallel Studio XE.

Sergey Kurgalin and Sergei Borzunov participated in a competition of academic projects where they presented three course books published in 2016–2018 by “BKHV-Peterburg” and VSU Publishing House. The books are based on the study courses taught by the authors at the Faculty of Computer Sciences of VSU. All the algorithms described in the books were thoroughly tested at the Supercomputer Centre of the university.

The conference “Supercomputer days in Russia” is the largest conference in Russia dedicated to the development and application of supercomputer technologies. It covers various aspects of supercomputer technologies, such as design of hardware and software, solving large problems, application of supercomputer technologies in science and industry, exascale computing, and supercomputer education.

This year the programme of the conference included presentations by the leading world and Russian experts in supercomputer technologies, representatives of the companies producing modern hardware and software, as well as representatives of universities and research institutions. Sergey Kurgalin and Sergey Borzunov made a presentation on “Using the resources of the Supercomputer Centre of Voronezh State University in teaching and research”.

The conference also included an exhibition of Russian and foreign software and hardware solutions and technologies of high performance computing developed by the leading international companies. An exhibition of books on IT attracted a lot of attention.

Our researchers also participated in the last part of the conference, a meeting of the Supercomputer consortium of Russian universities. It discussed and determined the major short-term directions of development of IT in the country, including digital economy, artificial intelligence, big data, and machine leaning.

At the end of the conference the chairman of the organising committee, Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Voevodin, and representatives of the Intel corporation listed Voronezh State University (together with Tomsk and Saratov universities) among the universities who develop the largest number of study materials on supercomputer technologies.

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