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02.03.2018 16:35

University successfully implements a double degree programme with the ISC Paris Business School

Voronezh State University continues to implement the EMBA (General Management) double degree programme in cooperation with the ISC Paris Business School. The graduates of the programme will get two diplomas:  “Executive MBA” diploma of the ISC Paris Business School and “Executive MBA” diploma of the VSU Business School.

Such a project in the area of business education demonstrates the high international academic profile and good quality of education services at VSU. The ISC Paris Business School, accredited by the international organisation AACSB, delegated the right to teach some of the subjects to VSU and VSU lecturers.

As a part of the agreement between the educational institutions two courses, “Communication Management” and “Cross-cultural Management” were held by Ramone Shivre, Professor from ISC Paris Business School. The course “Communication Management” discussed the basic communication principles and their applications, management and leadership, intercultural communication, and communication between people of different generations. The lectures were practice-oriented and included active teaching methods. During the classes of the “Cross-cultural Management” course the students improved their intercultural communication competence, analysed and solved a number of professional problems. According to the participants, the courses were timely, interactive, and demonstrated the high level of expertise of the lecturer. Ramone Shivre praised the students for being highly motivated and appreciated the quality of translation performed by Evgeniya Lapaeva, lecturer of the Department of French Philology of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology. Ramon Shivre also had a meeting with Oleg Belenov, Head of the International Cooperation Department, and discussed the prospects of extending the cooperation between our universities.

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