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09.04.2018 16:07

The 7th Voronezh International Model United Nations is held at the university

The 7th Voronezh International Model United Nations was held at the university. Among its participants were 70 delegates from different Russian schools and universities. Representatives of other countries also visited the event.

Young delegates discussed the important global issues listed in the agenda within four committees:

  • The Security Council – “Trading Lethal Weapons”
  • The Human Rights Council – “International Law Status of Human Rights Organisations and Human Rights Advocates”
  • The first committee of the General Assembly – “Separatism and the Right of Nations to Self-Determination”
  • The third committee of the General Assembly – “Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar”.

The 7th Voronezh International Model United Nations worked for 2 days. At the end of the second day, all the committees made resolutions. At the official closing ceremony the General Secretary of the 7th Voronezh International Model United Nations, a first year master’s student from the VSU’s Faculty of International Relations, delegated the power of the General Secretary to a third year student from the Faculty of International Relations, Evgeny Bortnikov.

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