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13.04.2018 11:22

VSU's History Museum opens the exhibition “The Butterflies of the World”

On 12 April, VSU's History Museum opened the exhibition “The Butterflies of the World”. The exhibits were provided by the Department of Zoology and Parasitology of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences and the Zoology Museum of Voronezh State University.

Many butterflies were gathered in various zoological and geographical regions by the Head of the Department of Zoology and Parasitology, Sergei Gaponov. This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to see the world of these beautiful insects in all their diversity. Among the exhibits are butterflies from all continents and geographical regions – South-East Asia, North and South America, Africa, Russia, and Australia. They include brush-footed butterflies, swallowtail butterflies, emperor moths, and the biggest butterflies from South America – great owlet moth, morpho, and owl butterflies whose wings can be 16–18 cm. Bhutan glory butterfly is one of the symbols of the kingdom. Magnificent birdwing butterflies symbolise exotic Australia, Papua, and Oceania.

Butterflies are among the brightest of insect orders. Their beauty enchants and fascinates and their diversity is beyond imagination. When flying, they are reminiscent of colourful flower petals swaying in the wind. They take second place in terms of population (140,000 species) and are only outnumbered by beetles. They live in abundance in the tropics where you can find the most beautiful and the largest species. When speaking of their beauty we are talking about the day insects. Night butterflies usually have a bleaker colouring. According to the tradition, which goes back to Carl Linnaeus, butterflies are normally called after Greek Gods and mythological heroes, for example Apollo, Machaon, Podalirius, Clemene, or Cypris. These names bring to mind something bright, strong, and beautiful, something that evokes the feelings of happiness, fascination, and amazement.

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