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19.04.2018 19:49

Science Slam kids 2.0: Scientific trends from schoolchildren

On 15 April, the second Voronezh Science Slam for children was held. Four young researchers presented their projects to the audience.

Science Slam is a new format of competitions which allows the informal discussion of research projects. The winner is chosen with the help of a decibel meter. The winner is the participant who gets the loudest applause. The prize was a pair of boxing gloves.

This year, the research areas of the slam were very diverse – medicine, physics, and crypto-mining.

Dmitry Sviridov, an 8th grade pupil, had studied the internal processes of the body. He wants to become a surgeon in the future. But now he described the process of digestion in the form of a stand-up show. He made a real performance out of it. He explained which organs take part in the digestive process and how fast they are.

Katya Snegovskaya and Liza Zobova demonstrated an alternative to cinemas. They used materials at hand to build a projector right on the stage and showed a film to the audience. An average projector costs 20,000 roubles but the girls spent less than 1,000 roubles.

Ilia Chtvergov became the winner of the scientific battle. He told the participants about how to use crypto-currency to earn money. Crypto-currencies attract a lot of attention these days. However, they are not easy to understand. The 14 year old boy gave detailed instructions how to build a computer for mining and to earn money. His talk “How a schoolchild can earn the money to buy a flat” concluded with the statement that 4 or 4.5 years is enough to earn enough money to buy a 25,000$ flat. What’s more, you need to put in the effort only during the stage when you build a mining farm. Schoolchildren, who comprised the majority of the audience, were inspired by his talk and chose him as a winner by making 117.8 dB noise.

‘This is the second Science Slam. We had already had some experience when we organised it. We tried to choose slammers with practical models that they could show to the audience. The next event is planned for the summer. We are looking forward to meeting new participants who will present interesting research projects and at the end of the year we will hold a competition between the winners,’ said the Head of the project Science Slam kids, Natalia Kuznetsova.

The slam format is very popular these days. The version for children was held in Voronezh with the support of the Rosmolodezh Federal Agency for Youth Affairs, the Department of Education, Science, and Youth Policy of the Voronezh Region, the Voronezh Region Youth Government, and a team of organisers from the Creative Science project. Among the partners of the project were Atomic Energy Information Centre, optics shop “Planetary”, and the language club Baker Street.

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