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25.04.2018 14:00

The university’s plans to extend cooperation with research and university centres in India

Professor Oleg Golichenko (Central Economic Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow) and Dr. Mohsin U. Khan, who represented Zaheer Science Foundation, paid a visit to Voronezh State University as a part of cooperation between Voronezh State University, Central Economic Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, and Zaheer Science Foundation (India).

The delegates had a meeting with representative of the university. The Vice Rector for Research and Innovations, Vasily Popov, told the guests about the university and its research areas. The Head of the International Cooperation Administration, Oleg Belenov, informed them about the main areas of the international cooperation. Associate Professor at the Department of Information Technology and Mathematical Methods for Economics of the Faculty of Economics and the Head of the joint laboratory of Central Economic Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and Voronezh State University, Irina Stchepina, reminded that the cooperation between VSU and Indian partners started with the support of Central Economic Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences in 2015, when VSU made an agreement with the Zaheer Science Foundation. Dr. Mohsin U. Khan told the participants about possible areas of scientific cooperation and proposed to organise joint conferences in India dedicated to environmental issues, which are very important in India.

Staff members of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, the Faculty of Geology, and the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology, and Tourism, and VSU’s Research Institute of Geology talked about the areas of their research and the results regarding water production, treatment, and transportation, management of transport flow, and recycling of wastes. These issues are of paramount importance for India.

On 19 April, the Head of the Department of Economics and Organisations Management, Yury Trstchevsky (in cooperation with Professor I.E. Risin and Associate Professor E.V. Endovitskaya), Dr. Mohsin U. Khan and Professor Oleg Golichenko gave talks at the annual scientific session of the Faculty of Economics.

Yury Trstchevsky told the audience about strategic goals of social and economic development of the region. The talk of Dr. Mohsin U. Khan was dedicated to the innovative development in Asian countries. He paid a lot of attention to the formation of innovative policies in India and China based on research results. Professor Oleg Golichenko focused on issues of the development of the innovative system in Russia and challenges that our country faces today. The Dean of the Faculty of Economics of VSU, Professor Pavel Kanapukhin, thanked the guests for their participation in the scientific session and expressed his hope for further cooperation. It should be noted that the coordinators of the further work with Indian partners will be the joint laboratory of Central Economic Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences and Voronezh State University.

At the moment, a favourable environment for extending cooperation between the research and university institutions of Russia and India are being created at the national level. The strategic goals of the university include the development of research and educational projects in cooperation with Indian partners. The visit of Dr. Mohsin U. Khan is a new step along the road.

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