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17.09.2018 19:38

VSU’s anniversary parade gathers 1.5 thousand people

On 15 September, Voronezh State University celebrated its centenary. The celebration was combined with the celebration of the Day of the City. That day started with a ceremonial parade of VSU. A column of VSU students, graduates, and staff accompanied by the music performed by the combined orchestra of Voronezh Philharmonic Hall paraded from the administration building of the South East Railway along Revolutsia avenue. The participants of the march were wearing T-shirts with symbols of VSU and its faculties as well as official academic gowns and caps. About 1,500 people took part in the parade, including 200 international graduates who have warm memories of the years they spent at the university.

The final destination of the parade was the Utuzhok shopping mall where the Rector of VSU, Dmitry Endovitsky, congratulated everyone with the festival. The Cultural Counsellor of the British Embassy and a VSU graduate, Michael Bird, also addressed the audience:

“I studied at three universities: Cambridge, Harvard, and Voronezh University. I have special pride for the last one,” said Michael Bird.

His speech was followed by a performance by VSU’s international students.

The main part of the festivities took place at Sovetskaya square were there were lecture centres, workshops, and educational activities, dancing and sports master classes, which were organised with the support of MELODIA-Voronezh. The VSU Creative Science group, a team of young people who are keen on science, presented educational lectures and a spectacular show of scientific experiments. At the beginning of the celebration, the rector signed a new object d’art, a student’s record book, which later was transported to a park in front of the main building of Voronezh State University. The university students prepared an unforgettable concert.
Students from the students’ sports club “Khitschnye Bobry” (Rapacious Beavers) organised a sport’s ground for all sport lovers. They invited the world champion in kick-boxing, Vadim Chasovskikh, and a martial arts club “Svyatoslav”, which held master-classes and demonstrated their fighting skills. Volunteers could join them and try their hand in martial arts.

“It’s a magnificent event in the open air. I like such things. I’ve been to many venues. Most of all, I liked the sports ground. The organisation of the events is amazing. I wish VSU all the best to develop and grow,” said a second year student from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics, Mikhail Smolianinov.

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