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11.01.2019 18:32

On the cutting edge

Researchers from Voronezh State University became winners of a grant competition held by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The foundation selected the following projects.

  • “Deliberateness as the main principle for publicly significant decisions – legal aspects” by Vladislav Denisenko, Associate Professor at the Department of the Theory of State and Law, International Law, and Comparative Legal Studies of the Faculty of Law.
  • “Sustainable development of economic entities facing ‘big challenges’” by Nikolay Lyubushin, Professor at the Department of Economic Analysis and Audit of the Faculty of Economics.
  • “Elaboration of the theory of adaptive targeted forecasting models for strategic planning of social and economic processes” by Valery Davnis, Head of the Department of Information Technology and Mathematical Methods for Economics of the Faculty of Economics.
  • “Methods of representation theory for groups, semigroups, and Banach algebras in the spectral analysis of linear functions and linear operators” by Anatoly Baskakov, Professor at the Department of System Analysis and Management of the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics.
  • “Algebraic models of fuzzy production systems for managing distributed knowledge” by Sergey Makhortov, Head of the Department of Programming and Information Technologies of the Faculty of Computer Sciences.
  • “Neoarchean ultra-acidic magmatism of the Kursk region of Eastern Sarmatia – petrology, age, paleotectonic correlations” by Konstantin Savko, Head of the Department of Mineral Resources and Mineral Management Studies of the Faculty of Geology.
  • “A model for the optimisation of the social and economic environment of large cities” by Sergey Epryntsev, Associate Professor at the Department of Geoecology and Environmental Monitoring of the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology, and Tourism.
  • “3D comprehensive geophysical model of the structure and probable environment of the Koromanty division of the central part of the East European Craton” by Viktor Glaznev, Professor at the Department of Geophysics of the Faculty of Geology.

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