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12.11.2019 16:44

Jazz Province at the university

On 9 November, a concert by Michelle Walker (USA) and Alexey Cheremizov’s quartet (Russia) took place in the concert hall of Voronezh State University. The event was held within the international festival “Jazz Province” that gathered this year over 150 participants from 10 different countries.

“I believe that students need to have an opportunity to develop culturally. Dmitry Endovitsky is a good and very knowledgeable administrator so he supported the idea. I think our concert was heart-warming, positive, and cheerful. Our goal was quite simple: to make the audience see the world with new eyes. To teach some of them to enjoy good music, and ideally, to divert them from dull and soulless pop music. To my mind, this is the main goal of the festival and similar concerts. Music brings together people of different races and from different continents. It makes a difference. I will be really delighted, if after our concert, someone becomes a fan of jazz and live music,” said the music producer of the festival, Alexander Lukinov.

The students and staff of Voronezh State University enjoyed the unforgettable music of Alexey Cheremizov’s jazz quartet. The double-bass was played by the Head of the Jazz Department of the Rostropoviches Voronezh College of Music, Andrey Dudvhenko, Sergeyi Korotkov played the percussion, Nikita Mochalin was on saxophone, and Alexey Cheremizov was on keyboard. It was a vibrant and highly charged concert. The musicians played traditional jazz standards, film scores, pieces from American musicals, and a few jazz arrangements of pop-music songs.

“This was one of the best venues we have performed in all of Russia. The light, the hall, and the acoustics were of top quality. It was a long way to come here but it was worth it. I was quite surprised because I hadn’t known if the students and the academic staff were very familiar with jazz, but they were really appreciative,” said Michelle Walker.

“The moment I saw the poster I wanted to go and see it! Afterwards, I visited a meeting with the editor in chief of the magazine “Jazz.ru”, Kirill Moshkov, who made me even more inspired. I put off all my things and absolutely didn’t regret it. The concert was brilliant. If only I had been able to, I would have gone on stage myself, and would have sung along with the musicians. They had so much drive! Michelle doesn’t sing, she kind of gets dissolved in the music,” said a first year student from the Faculty of Journalism, Margarita Dunaeva.

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