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27.12.2019 15:51 Culture / Viewed: 343

An exhibition of a well-known Voronezh artist, Olga Arutyunova, opened at VSU

On 26 December, an exhibition of a Voronezh artist, Olga Arutyunova, opened in the Rector’s Gallery of VSU.


26.12.2019 14:47 Collaboration, Education, Faculties' events, Student's life / Viewed: 380

The first VSU HACKATHON took place at the Faculty of Computer Sciences

In early December, the first VSU HACKATHON was held at the Faculty of Computer Sciences with the support of Major League Hacking.


26.12.2019 10:42 Collaboration, Student's life / Viewed: 612

Student life of international students at the university

In December, Voronezh State University International Education Institute held a series of extra-curricular events.


25.12.2019 14:36 Social work, Student's life / Viewed: 289

VSU students congratulated children from the social shelter

On 21 December, students from the Faculty of International Relations of Voronezh State University congratulated children from the Voronezh social shelter for children and teenagers on the occasion of the coming New Year.


25.12.2019 14:33 Collaboration, Education, Student's life / Viewed: 366

VSU staff and students held a festival and contest “French Traditions in Russia”

On 20 December, the Department of French Philology of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology organised a regional school festival and contest “French Traditions in Russia”.


25.12.2019 13:29 Social work, Student's life / Viewed: 291

VSU gave children “The dream from the picture”

On 21 December, representatives of the volunteer club of the Faculty of Geology “Zernyshko” visited children from the Babyakovo rehabilitation centre.


20.12.2019 12:26 Student's life / Viewed: 370

VSU students took part in the events organised by the Oxford Russia Fund

On 4–7 December, a workshop and open conference “Consequence management: dialectics of the future reflected in stagnation, decline, and disasters” was held in Moscow.


20.12.2019 12:21 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 371

VSU held thesis defence for students of the master’s programme Executive MBA

In early December, a thesis defence for graduates of the international master’s programme Executive MBA was held in the conference hall of the main building of Voronezh State University.


19.12.2019 10:51 Student's life / Viewed: 340

Meetings at Buddy Club VSU

Every term, international students from all over the world come to study at Voronezh State University. Most of them are visiting Russia and Voronezh for the first time.


18.12.2019 15:19 Research / Viewed: 326

A postgraduate student of the Faculty of Computer Sciences gave a talk at the artificial intelligence conference in the Czech Republic

On 2–7 December, the fourth International scientific conference Intelligent Information Technologies for Industry (IITI’2019) was held at the Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic).


17.12.2019 14:15 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 387

A new method of obtaining inulin developed at VSU

Currently, the Russian market mainly has expensive foreign-made inulin. Nina Diyakova, Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Engineering of the Faculty of Pharmaceutics, suggested a quick and cheap method of inulin production.


17.12.2019 12:11 Student's life / Viewed: 357

Russia-Turkmenistan friendship week

On 10–14 December, a session of events with international first year students dedicated to the Constitution Day of the Russian Federation and the Neutrality Day of Turkmenistan was held by the Department of Human Geography and Regional Studies at the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology, and Tourism of Voronezh State University.


16.12.2019 13:06 Research / Viewed: 433

A postgraduate student of VSU is developing a safe alternative to antibiotics and antiseptics

From 1 October to 31 December, Svetlana Pankova, a postgraduate student of the Department of Biophysics and Biotechnology of Voronezh State University, is studying immobilised proteolytic enzymes as a basis for complex wound healing agents at Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University.


16.12.2019 12:04 Research / Viewed: 342

Student of Geology Faculty suggested a new method of gold mining

In early December, an All-Russian student scientific and practical conference “Job training for geologists” was held at the Southern Federal University.


13.12.2019 15:43 Collaboration, Education, Public lectures / Viewed: 301

The Arctic visits the university

On 11 December, Diana Timoshenko, honourable guest of the club “People and Countries”, Associate Professor from the Department of Recreational Geography, Country Studies, and Tourism, gave an open lecture “Icy breath of the Russian Arctic. Northern attraction” at the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology, and Tourism.


13.12.2019 15:41 Collaboration, Education, Scholarships and grants / Viewed: 364

Scholarship Holders of the Oxford Russia Fund announced

The inspection of applications submitted to the autumn competition of the Oxford Russia Fund has been completed and the results summarised.


13.12.2019 14:37 Collaboration, Pre-university education, Public lectures / Viewed: 273

VSU Associate Professor talked about his journey to Tibet

On 11 December, another public lecture took place in the “Amital” bookstore as part of the project called “A Large University for a Large City”.


12.12.2019 13:27 Social work / Viewed: 321

Students meet well-known travellers, Maxim Kharchenko and Pavel Konukhov

On 7th December, a meeting with Maxim Kharchenko, a traveller and a member of the Primorsk regional office of the Russian Geographical Society, took place at the department of Natural Sciences and Technical Literature of Nikitin Regional Scientific Library.


11.12.2019 16:21 Culture, Events, dates, anniversaries / Viewed: 278

University folk music group “Terem” is 20 year old

On 7 December, a festival of the best folk music groups of Voronezh and the Voronezh region took place in the auditorium of the main university building.


11.12.2019 13:17 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 412

A new eyesight protection technique against laser radiation developed at the university

Andrey Zvyagin, assistant at the Department of Optics and Spectroscopy, created an efficient mechanism that can help protect eyesight. The project of the young researcher “Development of low-threshold limiters of visible optical density based on hybrid associates of colloid quantum dots and dye molecules” will allow the production of inexpensive optical coatings which will efficiently limit impulse laser radiation that is harmful for eyesight.


11.12.2019 12:12 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 284

VSU researchers take part in an international conference in India

Between 27 and 29 November, International scientific conference “Innovation Driven Economic Growth in Asia focusing on India” took place in Goa University (India).


10.12.2019 16:08 Research / Viewed: 344

The international publishing house Springer releases a book by the university's scientists

The publishing house Springer published the book “A Practical Approach to High-Performance Computing” written by the Head of the Department of Digital Technologies of the Faculty of Computer Sciences of Voronezh State University, Professor Sergey Kurgalin, and Associate Professor from the same department, Sergey Borzunov.


09.12.2019 18:04 Ratings / Viewed: 291

VSU enters RUR and GreenMetric rankings

On 9 December, the RUR rankings (Research Performance World University Rankings) for social sciences was published. Voronezh State University takes 586th place among world universities and 30th among Russian universities.


09.12.2019 17:54 Culture, Student's life / Viewed: 328

19th International Song and Dance Festival “Let’s Join Hands”

On 5 December, the closing concert of the 19th International Song and Dance Festival “Let’s Join Hands” took place in the A.L. Durov Circus in Voronezh.


09.12.2019 17:51 Sport / Viewed: 280

VSU athletes are among the best in kettlebell lifting

On 28 November, a kettlebell lifting competition took place at Voronezh State Agricultural University as a part of the Voronezh Region Universiade.


06.12.2019 14:47 Sport / Viewed: 285

VSU team wins a volleyball tournament

The final game of the Volleyball Universiade took place on 4 December. The VSU women’s team beat the team of Voronezh State Technical University with the score 3:0 and took first place.


06.12.2019 11:44 Research / Viewed: 339

A book by university scientists wins the International Contest of Media Studies

9th International Scientific Conference of the National Association of Mass Media Investigators “Contemporary Issues of Media Studies – 2019” took place at Lomonosov Moscow State University on 5 December.


05.12.2019 17:37 Collaboration, Social work, Sport, Student's life / Viewed: 367

VSU students win the festival of national sports “Russian sport”

The festival of national sports “Russian sport” was held on the 30 November. Among its participants were teams from fifteen educational institutions from Voronezh and the Voronezh region.


05.12.2019 15:31 Collaboration, Social work, Student's life / Viewed: 291

“Expedition” of bone marrow donors visits our university

On 29 November, representatives of the “Expedition” project visited Voronezh State University. The charitable event included a meeting of its activists with journalists Sergey Mostovstchikov and Alexey Yablokov.


04.12.2019 17:24 Student's life / Viewed: 272

VSU is a platform for the Generous Tuesday campaign

On 3 November, a fund-raising event “Generous Tuesday” took place in the hall of the main building of Voronezh State University, where students and teachers raised money for the DobroSvet foundation.


04.12.2019 12:20 Sport / Viewed: 292

VSU students are the best in table tennis

On 1 December, a table tennis tournament between teams from nine Voronezh universities concluded in the gym of Voronezh State Technical University.


04.12.2019 11:16 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 380

A new generation of bacterial coating developed by a university scientist

A team of researchers from the Department of Optics and Spectroscopy of the VSU Faculty of Physics, including Alexey Perepelitsa, an assistant at the Department of Optics and Spectroscopy of the Faculty of Physics, is developing an innovative technology used to generate biologically compatible antimicrobial protective coatings and polymer films to treat various surfaces.


03.12.2019 16:12 Student's life / Viewed: 284

A student from Borisoglebsk branch takes part in the Summit of Student Leaders of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation participant countries

Between 27 and 30 November, a student from Borisoglebsk branch of VSU, Natalia Akhtyrskaya, took part in the 3rd Summit of Student Leaders of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation participant countries which took place in the Altai Krai and the Republic of Altai at the year-round resort “Manzherok”.


03.12.2019 15:08 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 292

Introduction to the “Göttingen” method for text analysis

Between 27 and 29 November, the Head of the Department of Slavic Literature at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Professor Matthias Freise, gave a series of lectures dedicated to contemporary methodology for studying literary texts.


03.12.2019 12:45 Sport / Viewed: 292

University students are among the best in Greco-Roman wrestling

Between 29 and 30 November, Greco-Roman wresting competitions were held in the sports facility “Zvezdny” as part of the Voronezh Region Universiade 2019/2020.


02.12.2019 12:01 Sport / Viewed: 284

The achievements of the coaches from the university swimming pool in the Russian Cup

The coaches of the university swimming pool, Natalia Ismailova, Ludmila Bukhtaeva, and Yury Perin, took part in the 26th Russian Masters Cup as a part of the Voronezh team “Spartak”.


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