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04.12.2019 17:24

VSU is a platform for the Generous Tuesday campaign

On 3 November, a fund-raising event “Generous Tuesday” took place in the hall of the main building of Voronezh State University, where students and teachers raised money for the DobroSvet foundation. The event was organised by the Joint Students' Board of VSU.

“Generous Tuesday is an international campaign. Other clubs belonging to the Students' Board of VSU also got involved with the event and helped to raise money for the DobroSvet foundation. It shows that people who study and work at VSU do care,” said Alina Semenko, the Chair of the Joint Students' Board of VSU.

On that day, any volunteer could decorate a Christmas bauble, buy sweets or biscuits at the fair, have a photo taken with a beaver Yaropolk, and play boardgames or video games.

“I was attracted by the event because here you can see students from different faculties. I am glad to know that VSU has such a warm atmosphere where it is comfortable to study and work,” said Kirill Zenin, a second year student from the Faculty of Mathematics and the coordinator of the area for boardgames. Third year students from the Faculty of Law of Voronezh State University, Angelina Konovalova and Olga Kiniv, helped the visitors make a creative New Year bauble. The guests could decorate it themselves or have it decorated by Angelina or Olga. The students admitted that they like painting a lot but find it difficult to allocate time for creativity in their everyday routine that is why they decided to kill two birds with one stone.

“There is a lot of buzz in the area with cybersport games: The visitors come up to play a game and learn how they can help people suffering from oncological diseases. If we do not act who will help the children?” said Sergey Ivliev, a second year student from the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology and the coordinator of the cybersport club “VSU Esports”. What is more, during the event, Tatiana Tupota, a fourth year student from the Faculty of Pharmaceutics and the Head of the youth donor movement “Kacheli” told the audience about the rules and procedures of blood donorship, the criteria for bone marrow donors, and why the movement is so important.

“There are dramatically few donors in Russia. Statistics says that they manage to find bone marrow donors only once in 10,000 cases. And the number of people with the disease is growing every year. Students should know about this, that is why I am here today.

VSU Press Service  


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