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05.12.2019 15:31

“Expedition” of bone marrow donors visits our university

On 29 November, representatives of the “Expedition” project visited Voronezh State University. The charitable event included a meeting of its activists with journalists Sergey Mostovstchikov and Alexey Yablokov. The event was initiated by Alexandra Nazarova, Head of the Department of Student Affairs, and Pavel Boiko, lecturer from the Faculty of Geology of Voronezh State University. Both of them have been potential bone marrow donors for a number of years.

Dana Ibragimova, a medical expert and a participant of the “Matching” expedition, gave a lecture to the audience. The students asked her a lot of questions which she answered in detail. After the meeting, a few people immediately went to the medical centre “Invitro” to take a blood typing test. In six months time, their encoded data will be transferred to the registry of potential donors of bone marrow. Ivan Shiryaev and Alina Semenko, VSU students and participants of the meeting, told us why they agreed to join the potential donor registry.

“My future career is connected with medicine that is why I know something about bone marrow. A friend of mine suggested visiting the lecture about donorship and I agreed. After the lecture I decided that I will definitely join the registry. It is neither frightening, nor dangerous, so why not try and help those who need it?” said Ivan.

“The Head of the Department of Student Affairs told me that she is a potential bone marrow donor. And I decided to help her organise events. I told other students about it and also read articles about bone marrow donorship. Then an idea started to creep into my mind: shouldn’t I become a donor myself? Having listened to the lecture, I have no more doubts. I have made up my mind – I want to do it,” said Alina.

“Expedition” is a major charitable project by representatives of Rusfond foundation implemented in the framework of the programme “Matching”. It has been supported by the Presidential Grants Foundation and is aimed at drawing attention to the dramatic shortage of potential donors of bone marrow. There are about 100,000 people in the national registry in Russia. In Germany there are about 8 million. Every year, Russian citizens need over 5,000 transplants, however, due to the shortage of potential donors, only just over 1,000 are operated on.

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