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13.12.2019 14:37

VSU Associate Professor talked about his journey to Tibet

On 11 December, another public lecture took place in the “Amital” bookstore as part of the project called “A Large University for a Large City”. This time, Dmitry Vladimirov, Associate Professor at the Department of Recreational Geography, Country Studies, and Tourism, was invited as a guest lecturer. He told pupils, students, and bookshop customers about his journey to Tibet. The lecturer started the meeting by giving a brief description of Tibet's physiographic position, its culture, and traditions of local people, as well as the level of social and economic development.

He also talked about the collaboration of VSU scientists with their colleagues from Sichuan Provincial Institute. “Our collaboration began in 2013. Since then, VSU scientists have visited Sichuan eight times. The main collaborative activities include studying alien plant species, preventing desert invasion of high mountain pastures, and treating wastewater,” Dmitry Vladimirov pointed out. Joint research takes place in the Sichuan Basin, sometimes called the Red Basin, on the Tibetan Plateau. The scientists also work on the Tibet’s eastern spurs, in the so-called Sino-Tibetan Mountains, or the Sichuan Alps. They are focused on the study of the region's biological diversity. During his lecture Dmitry Vladimirov described the mountain altitudinal belts as well as alpine meadows and their inhabitants.

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