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31.05.2019 17:06 Collaboration / Viewed: 850

A delegation from Sweden pays a visit to VSU

On 31 May, VSU’s administration representatives had a meeting with the counsellor for Fiscal Affairs of the Swedish Embassy in the Russian Federation, Johan Eidman.


31.05.2019 11:03 Collaboration / Viewed: 759

VSU representatives take part in the International Week in Spain

VSU representatives took part in the International Week dedicated to the 40th anniversary of Leon University.


31.05.2019 10:20 Collaboration / Viewed: 630

VSU sets up new areas of cooperation with China

On 27 May, the university's administration headed by the rector, Dmitry Endovitsky, had a meeting with delegates from China.


30.05.2019 14:57 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 644

VSU at an Erasmus+ workshop

Between 23 and 24 May, the Delegation of the European Union to Russia held an international workshop aimed at strengthening cooperation between partner countries and participants of Erasmus+ programme.


29.05.2019 14:52 Collaboration, Culture / Viewed: 672

International students celebrate the Day of Africa

Every year on 25 May, African students of Voronezh State University celebrate the Day of Africa.


29.05.2019 12:49 Sport / Viewed: 405

A swimming festival at university’s swimming pool

On 26 May, the swimming pool of Voronezh State University held the 7th swimming championship “Backstroker Day” participated in by 300 children who attend swimming classes at the pool.


29.05.2019 11:45 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 600

A PhD student visits South Korea as part of an international project

Between 6 and 13 May, a PhD student from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of Voronezh State University, Dmitry Zagumennyi, visited South Korea within the framework of the project on studying the diversity of Heterotrophic flagellates.


28.05.2019 22:44 Ratings / Viewed: 368

VSU has been included in the ranking of digital internationalisation

VSU took the 22nd place in the ranking of digital internationalisation of universities published by the Russian International Affairs Council.


28.05.2019 13:38 Education, Innovations, Research / Viewed: 706

INTEKHROS opens a robotics laboratory at VSU

On 27 May, the INTEKHROS group opened its laboratory at Voronezh State University. The laboratory will serve for educational and practical purposes in the field of mechatronics and robotics.


28.05.2019 12:34 Sport / Viewed: 376

Our students take second place at the Voronezh region Universiade

The results of the Voronezh Region Universiade 2018–2019 have been announced.


27.05.2019 15:25 Social work / Viewed: 386

Students of the Institute of International Education organise festivities for children

On 22 May, international students from VSU visited the Semiluki orphan boarding school.


24.05.2019 18:21 Collaboration / Viewed: 671

Representatives of the Institute of Phonetics and Speech Studies of Martin Luther University pay a visit to Voronezh State University

On 24 May, VSU rector, Dmitry Endovitsky, and head of the Department of German Philology of the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology, Lyudmila Velichkova, had a meeting with Prof. Ursula Hirschfeld and Prof. Ines Bose from the Institute of Phonetics and Speech Studies of Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg.


24.05.2019 17:30 Collaboration / Viewed: 671

Researchers from the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences participate in the 12th Voronezh Industrial Forum

On 22 May, students and lecturers of the Department of Ecology and Land Resources of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of Voronezh State University took part in the 12th Voronezh Industrial Forum held at the “Maslovskiy” Industrial Park.


24.05.2019 12:28 Innovations / Viewed: 392

VSU researchers obtain grants for their projects

The winners of the contest of the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Businesses in Science and Technology “U.M.N.I.K” have been announced.


23.05.2019 18:23 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 444

VSU’s researchers present their innovative product

On 21 May, a VSU-based small innovative enterprise OOO Tekhnologii Shmelevodstva presented its products at the 12th Voronezh Industrial Forum, where it was assessed by the public and experts.


23.05.2019 16:20 Sport / Viewed: 363

VSU's team becomes the bronze winner of the Russian lapta competition

Between 20 and 22 May, the Russian lapta competition was held at the stadium of Voronezh State Technological University in the framework of the Universiade of the Voronezh Region 2018–2019.


22.05.2019 18:17 Sport / Viewed: 407

Our team takes third place at the track and field competition

The track and field competition for students of Voronezh universities was held at the stadium “Chaika”.


22.05.2019 17:13 Student's life / Viewed: 456

Students' puppet theatre gives a new performance

On 18 May, the students' puppet theatre "Bi-Ba-Bo” by students from the Borisoglebsk branch of VSU gave a performance dedicated to the Day of the City in Borisoglebsk.


22.05.2019 16:07 Pre-university education / Viewed: 408

Talented schoolchildren receive awards at VSU

On 21 May, the conference hall of the main building of VSU hosted the ceremonial meeting of the organisation committee of the multidisciplinary engineering academic competition among schoolchildren “Zvezda” and the Board of the Student Scientific Society of Voronezh State University.


21.05.2019 18:02 Collaboration / Viewed: 563

VSU members participate in an Erasmus+ academic mobility programme in Romania

Between 14 and 18 May, a delegation from Voronezh State University visited Danubius University in Galati, Romania.


21.05.2019 15:56 Student's life / Viewed: 471

The VSU team becomes a second-degree laureate at the Russian Students’ Spring festival

Between 14 and 19 May, the 27th festival "Russian Students' Spring” was held by the Russian Youth Union in Perm.


20.05.2019 11:51 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 592

Strengthening cooperation with Belarusian universities

On 14 May, an associate professor at the Department of Regional Studies and International Economies of the Faculty of International Relations, Dmitry Lomsadze, was invited by the Institute of Entrepreneurial Activity (Minsk, Belarus) to take part in the 26th international scientific conference “Enhancing effective management activity to create favourable conditions for the development of small and medium businesses in the Republic of Belarus”.


16.05.2019 17:01 Sport / Viewed: 366

Coaches from the university swimming pool show good results at the Russian swimming championship

The 28th Russian MASTERS swimming championship took place in Obninsk. 724 swimmers aged between 25 and 95 took part in the event.


16.05.2019 16:56 Culture / Viewed: 446

The opening night of the fifth season of English language university drama group

On 13 May, the premier performance of the fifth season of the English language university drama group “Cats’ House” (Creative, Artistic, Talented Students’ House) took place in the auditorium of the main building of Voronezh State University.


15.05.2019 14:51 Sport / Viewed: 385

University athletes show good results at volleyball competitions between universities

On 13 May, volleyball competitions between educational institutions of higher education of the Voronezh region concluded.


14.05.2019 17:44 Research / Viewed: 496

Scientific conference in mathematics gathered scientists from different countries in Voronezh

Another Voronezh spring mathematical school "Modern solutions to boundary value problems" concluded.


14.05.2019 12:41 Sport / Viewed: 374

VSU's team won the silver medal at the Swimming Universiade

On 13 May, swimming competitions were held in the swimming pool of the sports complex "Fakel".


13.05.2019 18:37 Collaboration / Viewed: 416

The university holds a meeting with attaché for science and technologies at the Hungarian Embassy in the Russian Federation

On 13 May, Arnold Bentze Ah, attaché for science and technologies at the Hungarian Embassy in the Russian Federation, paid a visit to Voronezh State University.


13.05.2019 15:34 Innovations, Research / Viewed: 428

Advanced research by university scientists is supported by the international academic community

Elena Parinova, research fellow from the Department of Solid-State Physics and Nanostructures, studies combinations of different nanomaterials for future nanoelectronic devices.


08.05.2019 17:27 Events, dates, anniversaries / Viewed: 422

VSU holds a memorial mass meeting devoted to Victory Day

Every year, our country remembers the names of heroes, and honours veterans and participants of the Great Patriotic War.


08.05.2019 13:21 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 588

Voronezh – Göttingen: educational prospects

The Faculty of Philology of Voronezh State University and the University of Göttingen offer the master's double degree programme "Russian Literature in the European Context".


08.05.2019 12:17 Collaboration, Research / Viewed: 491

University scientists present their project at an international conference in Oxford

On 29 April, the head of the Department of Information Procession and Protection Technologies of Voronezh State University, Aleksander Sirota, associate professor from the Department of Information Procession and Protection Technologies, Alexander Ivankov, and a postgraduate student, Sergey Savin, gave a talk at the International Conference on Digital Image and Signal Processing (DISP 2019).


07.05.2019 17:14 Collaboration, Student's life / Viewed: 431

Student life of international guests at the university

Every term, international students from all over the world come to study at Voronezh State University. Most of them visit Russia and Voronezh for the first time.


07.05.2019 16:59 Education / Viewed: 480

An associate professor from VSU takes part in the conference "Master's Degree Programmes++. Programming the Education of the Future"

Between 25 and 27 April, Vladimir Potanin Foundation held the conference "Master's Degree Programmes++". Programming the Education of the Future" at Saint Petersburg University of Information Technologies, Mechanics, and Optics.


07.05.2019 15:52 Events, dates, anniversaries / Viewed: 369

Our university celebrates the Day of Radio

On 7 May, the Day of Radio is celebrated in Russia. This day is dedicated to the outstanding Russian physicist and inventor, Alexander Popov.


06.05.2019 17:46 Innovations, Pre-university education / Viewed: 456

The Innovation League is approaching its final stage

On 27 April, VSU held the semi final of the innovative project "The Innovation League".


06.05.2019 14:40 Faculties' events, Student's life / Viewed: 366

VSU chooses Miss Physics 2019

On 30 April, the traditional contest "Miss Physics 2019" was held at the Faculty of Physics.


06.05.2019 12:36 Education, Student's life / Viewed: 435

Success of our student teams at the Student Programming Championship

Between 11 and 14 April, Samara State University held the Open Student Programming Championship of the Volga region.


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