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06.05.2019 12:36

Success of our student teams at the Student Programming Championship

Between 11 and 14 April, Samara State University held the Open Student Programming Championship of the Volga region. It is one of the largest events in Russia: this year, 78 teams from different Russian regions took part in the competition. At the championship, Voronezh State University was represented by five teams comprised of nine students from the Faculty of Computer Sciences and six students from the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics.

In the main round, the teams had to solve a set of 15 algorithmic problems of different levels of difficulty. To complete the task, the team had one computer and 5 hours. According to the results of the round, 4 VSU teams were among the winners.

In the additional round "April Challenge", the participants needed to deal with creative problems that required quick-wittedness. The absolute winner of the round was the team comprising of Alexander Nogikh (the Faculty of Computer Sciences, 6th year), Alexey Zolotukhin (the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics, 4th year), and Yaroslava Tishina (the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics, 4th year) who solved more problems than other teams. Interestingly, it took 90 attempts to solve the most difficult problem, what is more, they were the only team who completed it. Good results were also shown by the team comprising of Anton Kolesov (the Faculty of Computer Sciences, 1st year), Maxim Novotochinov (the Faculty of Computer Sciences, 2nd year), and Dmitry Pastchenkov (the Faculty of Computer Sciences, 1st year), who competed in the championship for the first time and were among 15% of the best teams in the April Challenge tour.

It should be noted that 12 out of 15 competitors at different times completed courses in the Centre for Algorithmic Training at the Faculty of Computer Sciences.

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