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07.05.2019 15:52

Our university celebrates the Day of Radio

On 7 May, the Day of Radio is celebrated in Russia. This day is dedicated to the outstanding Russian physicist and inventor, Alexander Popov. This is a festive day for all people working in the area of communications and many employees of Voronezh State University are among them.

The Department of Radiophysics at the Faculty of Physics at VSU has been training specialists for radio industry since 1953. Here they get fundamental and specialised knowledge in the area of radiophysics.

What is more, the Faculty of Physics has a Radio and Telecommunication System laboratory (Concern "Sozvezdie"), which opened in 2017 at the Department of Telecommunication System and Electronic Warfare financed by OOO "Concern Sozvezdie". Among the priorities of the department are research and development of ultra-wideband antenna systems and radar and communications systems based on ultra-wideband impulse signals, synthesis and analyses methods for passive and active microwave structures, radioelectronic countermeausers systems, and antijamming security. The laboratory is used for classes for master's students completing programmes in Radiophysics.

The Faculty of Journalism has the Department of Television and Radio Journalism where every year leading journalists, editors, and camera people from Russian and regional TV and radio stations hold masterclasses for students.

Student radio station "Navigator" which has been broadcasting at the Faculty of Journalism since 7 May 2009 is ten years old this year. The radio station of the Faculty of Journalism is quite professional. It broadcasts very different programmes in terms of genre and format: the current affairs programme "Navigator" and the theme-based programme "Your community". The radio team is actively involved in developing new original programmes and projects, as well as the broadcast schedule and the musical policy of the radio station.

"Navigator" is a unique opportunity for young journalists to develop their professional skills, learn secrets of journalism, and find their own style. They offer educative, original, and most importantly, interactive youth programmes for the student audience.

For 18 years, since 20 October 2001, lecturers and staff from the Faculty of Philology has been moderating the radio programme "Word Territory", a joint project of the state TV and radio company "Voronezh", Voronezh State University, and the regional Service of the Russian Language aimed at popularisation of the Russian language.  The programme has grown into a significant event of the regional cultural life. Federal TV and radio channels ("Rossia", "NTV", "Echo Moskvy") and national magazines ("Mir Russkogo Yazyka", and "Russkaya Slovestnost") broadcast and published stories about the Voronezh programme. The experience of the Voronezh radio was discussed at the Voronezh forum of creators of programmes about the Russian language in e-media (Nizhny Novgorod) and at Shmelev readings at the Russian Language Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.

The authors and the hosts of the programme regularly hold educational events in the city and in the region. They give talks in schools, give open lectures in libraries and institutions, hold an offsite event of the "Word Territory" at the original song festival "Parus Nadezhdy", for 10 years they have been holding the Rhetoric Festival, the contest "The Most Literate", the Mother Tongue Day (Liski, Novaya Usman, Voronezh, Borisoglebsk, Anna, Rostov-on-Don, and Lipetsk).

The university graduates can also be congratulated with their professional day. One of them is Maxim Goncharov. He created a unique radioarchive that stores the voices of Voronezh radio journalists and guests invited to their programmes. The VSU graduate has been living abroad for 19 years where he has been recording programmes of the Voronezh state radiostation and sharing them with other immigrants. At first, Maxim lived in Germany where he took up to listening to the Voronezh radio stations. Since then, he has been using different devices to record the programmes. Now, Maxim Goncharov lives in California and works for Facebook as a cyber security engineer. He told Larisa Diakova, the host of the programme "Word Territory", a journalist, and a lecturer from the Department of Television and Radio Journalism of Voronezh State University, why he decided to do that and how the radio helps him feel connected with his home city.

There is no economic sector today which could do without communication services. It is impossible to imagine a life of a person in the contemporary world without a telephone, radio, TV, or the Internet. They shorten the distances between cities and people and make our work more efficient and out life more comfortable, they help us keep up with the latest events. We wish success, realisation of creative ideas, welfare, and good luck to all people who work on the radio or TV stations, create interesting and insightful programmes, and contribute to reliable high-quality communication. Our congratulations!

VSU Press Service  


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