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14.05.2019 17:44

Scientific conference in mathematics gathered scientists from different countries in Voronezh

Another Voronezh spring mathematical school "Modern solutions to boundary value problems" concluded.

This scientific event is organised by VSU every year. The first mathematical school was held in 1986. Since 1993, the international conference "Pontryagin Readings" has been held in the frameworks of the school in cooperation with Lomonosov Moscow State University and Steklov Mathematical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The head of the organisational committee is Evgeny Moiseev, a full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the rector of VSU, Professor Dmitry Endovitsky and the rector of Moscow State University, Viktor Sadovnichy, are co-chairs.

This year, among the participants were 200 scientists from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Finland. Among the speakers were over 90 people from 23 Russian cities: Moscow, Yaroslavl, Yekaterinbburg, Saratov, Kaluga, Saint Petersburg, Simferopol, Tumen, Ulianovsk, and others. Over 30 scientists had a DSc degree and 50 had a PhD degree.

The scientists gave talks in the following scientific sessions: "The qualitative and spectral theory of boundary value problems", " Partial differential equations", "Informatics and management", "Geometry and analysis", "Theory of operators", and "Related problems of applied and engineering mathematics".

The tradition of the Voronezh scientific school, which go back to M.A. Krasnoselsky and S.G. Krein, provides an opportunity to acquire new contacts attract mathematicians who come to Voronezh every year. The conference stimulates joint research and the development of scientific ties between scientists and teams from different scientific centres of Russia. The discussions of scientific results and fundamental problems in modern science that take place at the conference contribute to the development of the existing and new scientific research.

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