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26.06.2019 17:30

University to train world-class specialists in the area of Tourism

Voronezh State University will start training world-class specialists in the area of Tourism. The decision was taken during a video conference between the administration of VSU and the president of the international commission of the Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF), Philippe Verbert.

In cooperation with the Higher School of Tourism of Troyes (France), VSU will open three further education training programmes: "Hotel and Restaurant Management", "Business and Event Tourism", and "Medical Tourism".

"The Higher School of Tourism is the first educational institution in France that started to issue diplomas in the area of Tourism and Tourism Management. The educational process is based on constant collaboration with the leading experts in the area of tourism and representatives of the industry. Such cooperation will provide VSU with lecturers who are among the best specialists in the area of tourism, catering business, and luxury tourism," said Philippe Verbert.

Apart from academic staff from the Higher School of Tourism of Troyes, lecturers from three faculties of VSU will be involved in the educational process: the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology, and Tourism, and the Faculty of International Relations. Moreover, Russian and French specialists in the area of hotel and restaurant business and event tourism will take an active part in the process. For example, the university partner, the family practice centre “Olymp zdoroviya”, will be engaged in the programme "Medical Tourism". The students will learn about modern methods of tourism management, digital technologies in the area of tourism, and new tourism business models. The courses will be given in Russian.

"The decision to cooperate with the Higher School of Tourism was a logical continuation of the successful collaboration with our French colleagues. It shows that in our region we can create premium further education programmes of high quality. This programme will help to compensate for the lack of top-qualified staff in the tourism industry. More and more world-class hotels appear in our city every year, however, there are no educational institutions which offer professional training in the area of tourism with due consideration for the best world practices. The launch of an international programme in the area of tourism is very important for the development of the economy in the region," said the Rector of VSU, Dmitry Endovitsky.

VSU Press Service  


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