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21.01.2020 12:16

Our university to be involved in solving issues relating to the space industry

On 20 January, in the main university building, a cooperation agreement was concluded between Voronezh State University and OOO IK Maslovsky. The agreement stipulates the creation of a cluster of enterprises producing composite materials for space industry.

The visiting delegation was comprised of Andrei Belov, a deputy of the Voronezh Regional Duma, Vyacheslav Kursakov, Director General of OOO IK Maslovsky and OOO Aerokosmicheskie tekhnologii, Vladimir Zhirnov, Chief Industrial Engineer at OOO IK Maslovsky and OOO Aerokosmicheskie tekhnologii, Tatiana Petrenko, Marketing Director at OOO IK Maslovsky and OOO Aerokosmicheskie tekhnologii, Sergey Sopov, Chairman of the board of OOO Mnogorazovye transportnye kosmicheskie sistemy, and Waldemar Reuswich, the Head of the German company Aerospace Composites GmbH.

At the beginning of the meeting, VSU Rector Dmitry Endovitsky told the guests about the research and academic capacity of the university, the achievements of the university's scientists and scientific schools, its human resources capacity, and its fruitful cooperation with the business community:

“Considering the expertise of the Faculty of Chemistry and the Faculty of Physics of Voronezh State University in the area of material science, nanotechnology, and the creation of composite materials, the university can make a substantial contribution to this important work that fit in with the national goals in the area of import substitution.”

Andrey Blagov emphasised that business community closely follows the research achievements of the university. He pointed out professional human resources at VSU and the interest enterprises take in collaboration with the university.

“Both academic and research activities are conducted at VSU at a very high level. For the Voronezh business and regional economy VSU is a talent factory and a source of the most advanced expertise of today. The composite materials industry is one of the most promising and dynamic in the modern economy. During the earliest stage of creating the composite cluster on the premises of the special economic zone “Centre”, we considered the necessity of the active engagement of scientific and academic community. The university will help us enormously by developing qualifications of their employees and contributing to the establishment and development of research community at enterprises. In our turn, we are ready to participate in enhancing expertise of the university students,” said Vyacheslav Kursakov.

The agreement consists of over ten cooperation priorities, including participation in research and technology congresses, seminars, conferences, and participation in joint basic and applied research.

VSU guests listened to presentations by VSU scientists and visited laboratories which are important for the development of further cooperation. Those laboratories included the laboratory of transmission electron microscopy, the laboratory of mechanical testing of nanomaterials, the laboratory of IR spectroscopy, the laboratory of photonics and electronics at the Faculty of Physics, the laboratory of electronic microscopy at the Centre for the Collective Use of Scientific Equipment, and the laboratory of ecological monitoring.

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