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20.11.2020 16:18

A university professor included in the list of experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Konstantin Savko, Head of the Department of Mineral Resources and Mineral Management Studies of the Faculty of Geology, was included in the list of experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In his letter, Alexander Sergeyev, President of the Russian Academy of Sciences, said that Konstantin Savko is a recognised specialist in his area of knowledge. The lecturer was recommended as an expert by the academic community.

“I was glad to receive the invitation. First of all, this means the importance of your research has been recognised by the academic community. Once, an editor of a prestigious journal told me: “You know, Savko is not just a name any more, it’s a name to conjure with”. Secondly, it opens up the opportunity to influence the development of Russian geological science. The experts of the Russian Academy of Sciences compile rankings of universities. They examine projects and reports in the framework of state assignments and grants for academic institutions and universities. The academy often takes into account and follows the recommendations of experts,” said Konstantin Savko.

In 1985, Konstantin Savko graduated from the Faculty of Geology of Voronezh State University, in 1992 he received his PhD degree and in 1999 he got his Doctor of Science degree. In 2002, he gained the title of full professor. Konstantin Savko is a leading specialist in the area of geology, petrology, and tectonics of the Precambrian age. He has published over 200 works, including 6 monographs. He holds 1 patent and has over 60 articles in journals included in Web of Science and Scopus (including Q1: Journal of Metamorphic Geology, Precambrian Research, Lithos, American Journal of Science, Journal of Geological Society, etc.). Konstantin Savko is the author and principal investigator of the research project aimed at creating a geological map of the Precambrian age in Russia (2017–2020), a metamorphic map of the Precambrian age in the Russian territory and on the East European Platform (2006–2008; 2009–2011; 2012–2014), and the development of technologies of studying and mapping metamorphic complexes (2014–2016). He was the head of the joint project between the government of the Sichuan province (China) and VSU “The study on metallogenesis of gold deposits in Mianning-Yanyuan area, south-western margin of the Yangtze block” (2015–2016). His achievements were marked with the awards of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation: “Outstanding Prospector” (2013) and “Honoured Prospector” (2017).

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