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30.11.2020 13:46

Results of the First Year Student festival 2020

On 29 November, the First Year Student – 2020 festival concluded at VSU. 17 faculties competed in the event. For the first time, the event was held online: concerts were broadcast on VSU's YouTube channel.

The first place was taken by students from the Faculty of Law and their concert “An important meeting”. The rest of the prizes were awarded as follows:

2. Faculty of Journalism
3. Faculty of Mathematics
4. Faculty of History
5. Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics 
6. Faculty of Physics
7. Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology
8. Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology
9. Faculty of Economics
10. Faculty of Pharmaceutics
11. Faculty of Philology
12. Faculty of Biomedical Sciences
13. Faculty of Computer Sciences
14. Faculty of Geology
15. Faculty of Geography, Geoecology, and Tourism
16. Faculty of Chemistry
17. Faculty of International Relations

“The First Year Student festival 2020 was quite impressive: for the first time, it was held online. Naturally, this caused some organisational challenges. Previously, students had to perform on stage. This year, we had to prepare the concert and then shoot it and we were really short on time. Despite challenges, the performances and the gala-concert were quite gripping. It wasn’t easy at all, but everybody did their best and that’s why the performances were really special and fascinating”, said Galina Drozdova, a first year student from the Faculty of Journalism and a participant of the festival.

The jury also announced the winners of the many nominations of the festival.

Theatrical genre

  • Best Sketch – Faculty of Applied Mathematics, Informatics, and Mechanics;
  • Best Monologue – Faculty of Philosophy and Psychology;
  • Best Actor – Faculty of Journalism;
  • Best Actress – Faculty Of Pharmaceutics;
  • Best Concert Editing – Faculty of Mathematics;
  • Best Directing – Faculty of Mathematics;
  • Best Screenplay – Faculty of Law;
  • Best Concert Background and Costumes – Faculty of Law;
  • Best Aesthetics – Faculty of Journalism.

Dancing genre

  • Best Small-Scale Dance Work – Faculty of Journalism;
  • Best Dance Performance (Mass) – Faculty of Physics.


  • Best Vocal Performance (solo) – Faculty of Journalism;
  • Best Vocal-Instrumental Ensemble – Faculty of Law.

Special genres

  • Best Special Genre Performance – Faculty of Mathematics;
  • Special prize (Best Technoart) – Faculty of Law.


  • Best Video –Faculty of Journalism;
  • Best Videoart – Faculty of Law.

“When we had to choose between online concerts or no concerts at all, we were sure we had to try and do it! Still, who could have imagined that it would be so difficult! It appeared that we needed four times more time than usual because we had to shoot the concert and to edit it. That was a very interesting experience both for the organisers and for the students”, said Natalia Bukhvalova, a member of the Leisure and Culture Department.

A special prize for a music video was awarded to representatives from the Faculty of History, and the award “VSU Guild of Activists” was given to students from the Faculty of Law.

VSU Press Service  


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