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27.03.2020 15:56 Ratings / Viewed: 346

VSU enters the top 5 of “Best educational institutions of the Russian Federation – 2020”

According to the results of research conducted in Russia by the Department of Statistics and Examination “EKSPERTMEDIAGRUPP”, Voronezh State University has been included in the official registry of laureates of the National contest “Best educational institutions of the Russian Federation – 2020”.


27.03.2020 13:52 Collaboration, Pre-university education, Public lectures / Viewed: 422

University staff member tells about volunteer projects of Russian Geographical Society

On 26 March, another public lecture took place in the “Amital” bookstore as part of the project called “A Large University for a Large City”.


24.03.2020 13:48 Education, Pre-university education, Public lectures / Viewed: 284

University scientists talk about Russian and Georgian cultural relations

On 19 March, Vladimir Gusakov and Sergey Churikov, Associate Professors at the Faculty of Philology, gave a joint lecture on Russian and Georgian cultural relations.


23.03.2020 14:38 Collaboration, Education, Student's life / Viewed: 458

Students from the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology complete a practical training in a British university

Second year students of the master’s programme “International Business Communication” from the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology completed a practice training at the University of Bath (Great Britain) between 29 February and 15 March.


23.03.2020 12:34 Education, Sessions / Viewed: 388

Deans of faculties discuss coronavirus prevention and distance learning at the university

On 23 March, a meeting of the deans of VSU faculties took place in the main building of Voronezh State University.


20.03.2020 16:29 Student's life / Viewed: 299

Participants of the university students’ team “Jaguar” help stray animals

On 17 March, participants of the students’ team “Jaguar” from Voronezh State University visited the “Friends” veterinary centre for stray animals.


20.03.2020 12:27 Education, Student's life / Viewed: 259

Our students are the winners of the National Translation Competition

Voronezh State Technical University concluded the results of the National University Translation Competition among students dedicated to the Year of the Theatre in Russia.


19.03.2020 15:23 Student's life / Viewed: 379

The youth club of the Voronezh office of Russian Geographical Society enters the Russian top 5

On 16 March, work results of youth clubs of Russian Geographical Society for the second half of 2019 were concluded. The youth club of the Voronezh office is among the 5 best organisations.


18.03.2020 11:19 Collaboration / Viewed: 512

The establishment of the Centre of Artificial Intelligence is completed at the university

On 15 March, Voronezh State University held an opening ceremony of the Sberbank Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence in its main building.


17.03.2020 15:34 Collaboration, Education, Pre-university education / Viewed: 493

Roboart–2020 at the university brings together guests from 22 regions of Russia

Between 14 and 15 March, Roboart–2020 was held in Voronezh. 1,050 people from 22 regions of the Russian Federation came to take part in the sixth festival of robotics.


17.03.2020 12:59 Collaboration, Student's life / Viewed: 355

Migration policy for international students discussed at the university

On 12 March, a round table discussion “Contemporary migration policy: adaptation and integration of international students and graduates from Voronezh universities (experience of Voronezh State University)” was held at the Faculty of History of Voronezh State University.


17.03.2020 11:55 Social work / Viewed: 290

Our university helps children suffering from ontological diseases

On 12 March, annual fund-raising event “A gift of kindness” took place in the concert hall of Voronezh state University.


16.03.2020 14:46 Important / Viewed: 233

The university is switching to online teaching

From 17 March, to avoid the spread of the new coronavirus infection in the university buildings, Voronezh State University is switching to online teaching.


16.03.2020 13:49 Collaboration, Education, Faculties' events, Public lectures / Viewed: 369

A well-known interpreter Pavel Palazhenko meets students and lecturers at the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology

Between 13 and 14 March, a long-awaited meeting with a well-known interpreter Pavel Palazhenko took place at the Faculty of Romance and Germanic Philology of Voronezh State University.


12.03.2020 18:41 Education, Student's life / Viewed: 364

The rector meets students from 11 countries

35 international students from 11 countries came to study at VSU. On 11 March, VSU Rector Dmitry Endovitsky had a meeting with interns from Belgium, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Kirghizia, Estonia, Morocco, China, Turkey, France, Japan, and Germany.


10.03.2020 14:35 Collaboration, Education / Viewed: 468

The Director of the Institute of English Studies of Freiburg University of Education pays a visit to the university

Between 2 and 7 March, Director of the Institute of English Studies of Freiburg University of Education (Germany), Professor Thomas Raith, visited Voronezh State University.


06.03.2020 14:29 Culture / Viewed: 263

The exhibition “Continuing the tradition of Russian art” opens at the university

On 5 March, the exhibition of paintings by the members of the Union of Russian Artists, Viktor Boichenko and Valery Semonov, opened in the Rector’s Gallery in main building of Voronezh State University.


05.03.2020 16:23 Student's life / Viewed: 374

Our students are the winners of the first stage of the national competition “Professional internships 2.0”

The results of the national competition “Professional internships 2.0” have been announced. Students from three faculties of Voronezh State University are among the winners of the event.


05.03.2020 11:20 Student's life / Viewed: 308

A video about our university is the winner of an international competition

The anniversary issue of the programme #HOTNEWSVSU, dedicated to the centenary of the university, became the winner of the national and international stage of the Geo competition.


04.03.2020 17:12 Student's life / Viewed: 308

5 kg of caramel is cooked at the university

On 4 March, representatives of the manufacturer BONBON and students cooked 5 kg of caramel.


04.03.2020 10:43 Culture / Viewed: 332

The folk music group “Terem” congratulated citizens with the Maslenitsa festival

On 29 February, the folk music group “Terem” gave a unique concert in the hall of the Petrovsky book club. The performance was dedicated to the Maslenitsa festival.


03.03.2020 13:17 Ratings / Viewed: 317

VSU once again enters the Global Research University Profiles ranking

The results of the Academic Ranking of World Universities (Global Research University Profiles − GRUP) have been published.


02.03.2020 18:51 Collaboration, Student's life / Viewed: 468

A new method of interaction between employers and students: the Night University

On the night of 1 March, Voronezh State University became the centre of attraction for many employers and students from leading Voronezh universities. The Joint Students' Board in cooperation with Career Development and Business Partnership Department organised an unusual event, the Night University.


02.03.2020 15:20 Sport / Viewed: 258

Our student is a champion of the Russian Federation in track and field athletics

Between 25 and 26 February, the 50th indoor championship of the Russian Federation concluded in the CSK indoor track facility.


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