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02.04.2020 13:15

University scientists begin a large-scale project to analyse the state of the air basin of the cities of the Black Earth region

A team of scientists from the Faculty of Geography, Geoecology, and Tourism, headed by Professor Semion Kurolap, developed a project called “Urboecodiagnostics of the condition of air in large industrial cities of the Central Black Earth Region: exposure to noise factors, carcinogenic risks, and environmental safety”, which was among the winners of the competition for grants from the Russian Science Foundation “Implementation of Fundamental Scientific Research and Exploratory Research by Research Groups”. The project is planned to be completed by 2022.

“The relevance of the issue of regional urboecodiagnostics, that is, the diagnosis of the ecological state of the urban environment aimed at its safe and balanced development, is dictated by increasing urbanization. The industrial transport infrastructure is becoming more complicated, the noise background and chemical pollution of the air increase, which leads to an increase in the risks of environmentally caused diseases of the population, primarily oncological and cardiovascular diseases,” says Semion Kurolap.

The objectives of the project are to identify the joint contribution of noise factors and chemical technogenic air pollution by carcinogens to the morbidity and mortality of the population of the industrialized cities of the Central Black Earth Region (CCR): Voronezh, Lipetsk, and Belgorod.

The significance and scale of the issue are associated with a comprehensive solution to the following main tasks that will be implemented in the scope of the project in 3years (2020–2022): assessment of spatio-temporal characteristics of noise exposure taking into account seasonal factors; assessment of technogenic pollution of the air basin by chemical carcinogens (formaldehyde, lead, soot, benzo[a]pyrene, etc.); analysis of the dependence of the levels of technogenic pollution of the atmosphere by carcinogens on the synoptic conditions of the urban environment and the intensity of technogenic effects in seasonal and spatial aspects; analysis of reactions of woody plants to carcinogenic air pollution by bioindication methods; assessment of the health status of the urban population and carcinogenic risk to health, including the risk of premature mortality from cancer and cardiovascular diseases; creation of a geoinformation system for regional assessment of the ecological state of the urban environment and geoinformation mapping of medical and environmental situations associated with public health risks; development of scientific and methodological recommendations to reduce environmental risk to public health.

The implementation of the project will allow advancements in the fundamental study of the mechanisms of the joint influence of the noise factor and the dangerous air pollution of the industrial cities of the Central Black Earth Region by chemical carcinogens, and it will result in a scientifically-based program of environmentally safe and efficient urban planning under the conditions of severe environmental restrictions.

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