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03.06.2020 16:01

Tele2 awards students with personal scholarships

Voronezh – Tele2, an alternative mobile provider, has held an online ceremony dedicated to the announcement of results of a large-scale contest for a personal scholarship. Based on the results of the final stage, the authors of the three best projects would share 300 thousand roubles.

Tele2 invited bachelor’s, master’s, and specialist’s degree students completing various programmes to take part in the contest. The participants from Voronezh State University had to prepare an innovative project dedicated to one of the following topics: “Smart city”, “How do you like this, Elon Musk?”, and “I know how to do it”. Every topic is of great practical importance and can be implemented in various areas to improve living standards with the help of modern technologies.

Over 300 students competed for the Tele2 scholarship. Following a number of stages, an online ceremony was held on 2 June where the expert committee comprised of Tele2 and VSU representatives announced the three winners out of the twelve contestants who had made it to the final. The winners shared 300 thousand roubles: the author of the best project received 150 thousand roubles, the second best project got 100 thousand roubles, and the prize for the third place was 50 thousand roubles.

The winner of the Tele2 contest was Oleg Korotkov and his project “Infusion Pump”. The third year student from the Faculty of Computer Sciences had developed a high quality and inexpensive item of medical equipment that can be used for continuous pre-dosed injections. Second place was awarded to the project of Ekaterina Momot, a third year student from the Faculty of Mathematics. It was SciLexic application which will help young researchers to choose the best vocabulary for their articles. Pavel Rudin, a fourth year student from the Faculty of Computer Sciences, was the third. He had developed software called “User-friendly Hospital” which can make medical services more approachable.

Dmitry Sadykov, the Director of the Tele2 macroregion “Black Earth Region”, said:

“It was the second Tele2 contest for a personal scholarship and I would like to say that this year the number of participants has increased and the quality of their projects has improved as well. The participants have demonstrated how determined, dedicated, and ambitious they are. All the developed projects are very interesting and worthy of attention. If implemented they will considerably benefit society. That is why it was a hard job to choose the best of the best. We would like to express our special gratitude to the administration of VSU who have supported the project. We are open to further cooperation with the university and are ready to support the implementation of innovative ideas.”

Dmitry Endovitsky, the Rector of Voronezh State University, said:

The Tele2 scholarship contest is an important tool to boost motivation and to support gifted students. By taking part in the different stages of the contest the students develop their research skills. They learn to present their ideas, support their opinions, and address the public. These skills are very important today and the students will find them really helpful in the future.”

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