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06.08.2020 16:09

Our university partners with the leading gold mining company in Russia

On 6 August our university signed a strategic partnership agreement with PAO Visochayshy (GV Gold), one of the biggest gold mining companies in Russia. The company is one of the TOP-10 leading gold mining companies in Russia. Sergey Trukhachiov, Vice Governor of the Voronezh Region, Secretary General of the Governor and Voronezh Regional Government, Oleg Mosolov, Head of the Department of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Voronezh Region, Sergey Dokuchayev, Chairman of the Board of Directors of PAO Visochayshy, Chairman of the Board of AKB Lanta-Bank, and Anatoliy Korendyasev, a member of the Committee for Economic Integration and Foreign Policy of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, met with the representatives of the university administration.

This agreement is of paramount importance to the region. It means that higher education in our region is highly rated. Establishing links between business and education has been one of our priorities as of late. Our university partners with big companies; its researchers and students win prestigious contests; the university is also accountable for a great number of research projects which are being implemented in the real sector of the economy. “I am positive that the partnership of our university and this company has great potential, it will result in increasing the quality of the personnel training and will give impetus to the development of science and technology,” says Sergey Trukhachiov.

The VSU rector, Dmitry Endovitsky, held a presentation on the university's potential in the field of innovations:

“Our university leans on three pillars: science, education, and cooperation with industrial partners to address various practical challenges and develop high-technology production. Voronezh State University has a well-established tradition of cooperating with the representatives of the real sector of economy, and we are interested in expanding this cooperation.”

“Prior to concluding the agreement, we have studied the market very carefully. Many years of experience and the good standing of VSU researchers inspires respect and trust. We are interested in the joint project implementation, in implementing the research results and in extending the productive cooperation experience to the entire gold mining industry of the Russian Federation. I hope that we will succeed in realizing our project,” said Sergey Dokuchayev.

“Voronezh State University has developed a unique technology to increase the extraction of precious metals, including gold and platinum-group metals. It is based on ultrafine grinding employing new cavitation methods and on decreasing the activity of refractory ore. Due to the considerable increase in the extraction of precious metals this promising technology may have a significant impact on the global economy,” said the dean of the Faculty of Geography, Victor Nenakhov.

The key objectives of the agreement are as follows: cooperation in the field of geology and efficient natural resources management, inter alia, training of subject matter experts at the Faculty of Geology, Voronezh State University; implementation of projects within the newly set up Research and Educational Centre of the Voronezh Region; increase of the precious metals extraction.

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